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The electrically-powered synthesis of ethylene for the chemical industry

2018/19-2019/20 • $941,785 • PI,CO
Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is an urgent global challenge. There is currently a lack of economic*incentive to capture industrial emissions as there is little value in the captured CO2. However, as renewable*electricity capacity continues to increase in scale while dropping in price, there...

Superaerophobic porous 3D catalytic electrodes for water splitting

2019/20 • $228,500 • PI,CO
Electrolytic gas evolution reactions (GERs) are important in numerous electrochemical reactions and processes like alkaline water and chlorine electrolysis. The efficiency of such electrochemical processes depend on the proper choice of electrocatalytic materials that can achieve high reaction...

Novel Materials in Alkaline Water Electrolysis

2017/18-2019/20 • $72,000 • PI
Countries around the globe face significant societal challenges linked to declining reserves of non-renewable energy sources, environmental pollution associated with greenhouse gas production, and the negativeimpacts of climate change. Extensive efforts to develop alternative, clean sources of...

Nickel Catalysts for Electrochemical Clean Energy "Ni Electro Can"

2015/16-2018/19 • $4,000,000 • PI,CO
No summary

Electro-Oxidation of Organics and Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Wastewater

2012/13-2016/17 • $120,000 • PI
Clean energy. Clean Water. Critical resources for Canada and the rest of the world. The overarchingobjectives of this research is to develop novel surface chemistries using cost effective and commercially viable nanomaterials and nanostructures for use in electrotechnologies for the production...

Reliability and Diagnostic Testing in Electrolysers and Fuel Cells

2016/17 • $25,000 • PI
Hydrogen is one form of clean energy with the potential of replacing conventional fossil-fuel based energysources for transportation and power applications by enabling electrolysers, storage, and fuel cells. Vehiclespowered by hydrogen via fuel cells have higher energy efficiencies compared to...

Bulk metallic glasses for use in gravity gradiometers

2013/14-2015/16 • $215,900 • PI,CO
No summary

Use of nanomaterials in fuel cell technology

2010/11-2011/12 • $52,020 • PI
Fossil fuels can be supplemented as an energy currency by introducing hydrogen as the medium of energy transfer through generation, storage and conversion into electricity by utilization of electrolysers and fuel cells. This mode of generation can alleviate problems associated with GHG emission...

Thermal analysis equipment

2010/11 • $148,725 • PI,CO
This application is for a thermal analysis system consisting of a Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA/DTA), a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) and a Mass Spectrometer (MS) detector.The thermal analysis equipment requested will replace and upgrade a now no-longer operable TGA/DSC apparatus...