Recent Research Projects

Behavioural, neuroimaging, and connectome studies of the medial temporal lobe in healthy and epileptic brains

2017/18-2019/20 • $721,658 • PI
The medial temporal lobe (MTL) is a brain network that plays an important role in memory, spatial navigation, and social cognition. Pathology of this region has been observed in several neurological conditions, including temporal lobe epilepsy, the most common drug-resistant epilepsy in adults....

Mapping the Anatomy of Decision-Making

2018/19-2019/20 • $408,510 • PI,CO
We make decisions, large and small, every single day. When we choose food from the grocery store shelves, or mark our X in the ballot box, what is happening in our brains? How do we make the best choices when faced with many options, which may vary in many ways? Understanding which regions of...

Advanced neuroimaging studies of brain networks involved in social cognition

2017/18-2019/20 • $90,000 • PI
Understanding others is essential to deal with growing societal challenges and cross-cultural conflicts. Recent findings in social neuroscience converge on at least two separate routesunderlying these skills: an affective-motivationalroute encompassing socialemotions, such as empathy, and...

Cognitive neuroinformatics of healthy and diseased brains

2019/20 • $70,000 • PI
A core tenet of neuroscience is that brain structure governs function, but this link remains incompletely understood. Dr. Bernhardt and his team will apply advanced neuroimaging to study microstructural and connectome-wide brain mechanisms giving rise to cognition in humans, in health and...

Microstructure-informed computational model of functional reorganization in childhood brain surgery: towards individualized cognitive prognosis

2019/20 • $35,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Brain surgery is among the most effective treatment options to cure childhood diseases such as drug-resistant epilepsy, brain tumors, and stroke. However, many patients continue to suffer from cognitive problems after the operation. Causes for surgical failure and side effects are not well...

MRI-based network biomarkers for presurgical decision-making in drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy: seizure focus lateralization and prediction of outcome

2014/15 • $90,000 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is the most common drug-resistant epilepsy in adults. Uncontrolled epilepsy is harmful to the brain and has devastating consequences for affected individuals and society. MRI has greatly improved the evaluation and management of drug-resistant TLE by allowing the...