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Design, manufacturing and process integration of nano-structured carbon enhanced lightweight composites

2017/18-2019/20 • $1,000,000 • PI,CO
Lightweighting is the determining factor in selecting the best material for an application among different choices. It is especially important for transport industries, where weight directly influences energy requirements and fuel consumption. Synthetic or natural fibres have been used to...

Production of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (OME) from sustainable feedstocks

2019/20 • $162,000 • PI,CO
One of the Grand Challenges faced by Canadian energy and petrochemical industry is the need of large scale, commercially deployable technology for synthesizing renewable liquid energy carriers. Through this project, researchers from a broad discipline across the Universities, North-American...

Functional Biocarbon Nanomaterials from Biomass

2017/18-2019/20 • $99,000 • PI
Carbon materials have been used in wide range of applications extending from carbon black fillers to super conductive materials and extremely strong carbon fibres. Carbon materials can be used as a filler, reinforcing agent, or conductive material in composites for automotive parts, electronic...

Nano-cellulose simulation and sample development for architectural application

2018/19 • $25,000 • PI
Millworks Custom Manufacturing (MCM) is a Toronto based custom manufacturer who for thirty years has*been contributing to the growth of the city of Toronto and the AEC industry of North America. Presently,*MCM constructs its projects using conventionally available materials that end their useful...

Design and manufacturing of direct mirco- and long-fibre lightweight composites

2013/14-2017/18 • $2,513,500 • PI,CO
The automotive industry is one of the core markets for long-fibre thermoplastic (LFT) composites because oftheir inherent advantages such as weight-effectiveness, structural dimensional stability, high strength, enhancedmodulus, superior creep resistance, and heat resistance. There is always...

Functional Bio-nanocomposites: Chemi-mechanical and Morphological Attributes

2012/13-2016/17 • $205,000 • PI
Isolation and application of cellulose nano and microfibrils in various research and advanced technological applications are expanding rapidly due to their environmental benefits and specific functional properties, especially in nanomaterial science. The tensile modulus of elasticity of native...

A versatile, multifunctional system for full characterizations of reaction intermediates and pathways for sustainable synthesis of smart materials and value-added chemicals

2015/16 • $141,128 • PI,CO
<p>The versatile, multifunctional system for capturing reaction intermediates will support multiple existing and emerging research programs in the area of smart material discovery and applications, heterogeneous catalysis for fuel and chemical synthesis, next generation technology for bio-fuel...

Composite pipe: Glass fiber and polymer interfacial shear strength & surface energy characterizations

2015/16 • $25,000 • PI
Using large diameter pipes over long distances to carry fluids is a common material transportation method for oil and other related industries. Steel pipes have been conventionally used for this purpose; however, corrosive environments sometimes make it extremely difficult to use steel pipes...

Automobile of the 21st Century/L'automobile du XXIe siècle

2012/13-2014/15 • $13,487,000 • PI,CO
No summary

NSERC Green Fibre Network

2010/11-2014/15 • $6,163,569 • PI,CO
The Canadian Forest Industry is struggling for its survival. Traditional markets of printing grades, the major part of Canadian Pulp and Paper Production, are dwindling and are unlikely to regain profitability in the future. For a renewal of the Canadian Forest Industry, revolutionary changes...

Exterior and interior components for green buildings

2010/11-2013/14 • $360,000 • PI,CO
Non-structural and semi-structural components make up a significant part of any building, and to a large extent, determine the environmental performance and impact of the structure during its lifecycle. In recent years, climate change issues have forced regulators to assess the various...

Introduction of pulp and paper biomass derived nanocellulose fibers into powder based clear coat

2013/14 • $25,000 • PI
The goal of this project is to use nanocellulosic fiber derived from pulp and paper biomass, as an additive in of 1-2wt%, to enhance the properties of plastic powder clearcoats; durability, wear resistance and appearance will be the focus. Such properties are resultant within current practices...

Development of railroad track bed-ties form recycled tires

2013/14 • $25,000 • PI
The conventional railroad ties always have lifetime problems and there are few options available for reusing or recycling. Alternative products with longer lifetime and better properties are therefore becoming increasingly important by railroad operators. On the other hand, the increasing amount...

Multi-gas surface area and pore size analysis system for characterization of micro- and nano-porosity of biochar and other biomaterials

2012/13 • $37,100 • PI,CO
This proposal requests funds for the purchase of a state-of-the-art system for characterization of surface area and pore size characteristics of biomaterials. Three major research groups will use this instrument: a primary group focused on applications to pyrolyzed biomass ("biochar"), a second...

Development of a biodegradable/compostable biocontainer from digestate of anaerobic digester

2012/13 • $25,000 • PI
Biocontainers, such as biodegradable pots are containers that are easily returned to natural cycles and also surpass regular plastics in the manufacturing process. The advantage of a biodegradable pot is that they can be planted along with the growing medium and the seedling, without impeding...

Automobile of the 21st Century/L'automobile du XXIe siècle

2010/11-2011/12 • $8,700,000 • PI,CO
No summary

analytical electron microscope (asem) for research and training in textural and chemical analysis

2010/11 • $143,000 • PI,CO
Detailed chemical and textural analysis of synthetic and natural samples is central to the development of advanced engineered materials as well as to our understanding of the Earth and terrestrial planets. The electron microscope is one of a family of modern instruments used to provide this...

Development of bio-based products for automotive interior trim converstock and coated fabrics

2010/11 • $87,270 • PI
The plastic processing industry is one of Canada's key industrial sectors. It is well aiming to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel based plastic and actively researching on renewable resources consistent with the concept of sustainable development and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In order...

Value-added utilization of pulp and paper sludge for binderless fibreboard manufacturing

2010/11 • $74,494 • PI,CO
BACKGROUND: The declining fibre supply and rising fibre costs in recent years has forced the panel industry in Canada to seek for non-traditional fibre resource including fibre residues as potential source. Sludge is the final solid waste recovered from the wastewater treatment processes in pulp...

Development of Compostable pots for horticulture supply industry

2010/11 • $25,000 • PI,CO
Growing public awareness of global climate change has resulted in increasing consumer demand for green alternatives. This has created a largely unexploited opportunity in the market place. Myers Industries Inc. is an international manufacturer of plastic and rubber products serving industrial,...

Modification and cost reduction of thermoplastic resins used in consumer and construction products

2010/11 • $24,902 • PI
This research collaboration will test the viability of using a modified papermill sludge product that was developed at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Forestry, in the manufacture of products used for consumer packaging and re-inforced concrete industry. The benefits of using this material...