Habibur Rahman

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Exploration of the Brassica gene pools for early-flowering alleles for the improvement of earliness in Brassica napus canola without yield penalty

2018/19 • $29,000 • PI
Earliness of flowering and maturity are important traits for Canadian spring Brassica napus (AACC, 2n = 38) canola due to the short growing season in the Prairie Provinces. Breeding efforts in the last decades have improved the earliness in this crop to some extent; however, the level of...

Broadening genetic diversity in spring canola brassica napus: exploration of the C genome of B. oleracea

2011/12-2017/18 • $200,000 • PI
Presence of adequate genetic diversity in a crop is essential - not only to allow for genetic improvement through plant breeding but also for reducing the vulnerability of the crop to insect pests and diseases as well as other changes in environmental conditions. The narrow genetic diversity in...

Broadening of genetic diversity (GD) in Canadian spring canola Brassica napus for the development of elite hybrid parent lines

2012/13-2016/17 • $1,500,000 • PI
The crop spring canola (also known as rapeseed) contributes about $14 billion annually to the economy of thiscountry. The narrow genetic diversity (GD) in this crop species is a major concern to researchers and plantbreeders for further increasing its productivity. Presence of adequate GD in a...

Variable Mode Laser Scanner for Precise Imaging and Quantitation of Biomolecules

2014/15 • $110,111 • PI,CO
Agricultural Genomics and Proteomics Unit (AGP Unit) in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science is a multi-user core facility supporting the research programs of over 100 users from The Livestock Gentec Group, The Swine Reproduction-Development Program, Alberta Innovates...