Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz

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Computational biology of plant development: Towards a deductive science

2019/20 • $34,000 • PI
Computational Biology of Plant Development: Towards a Deductive Science******Since the early 2000s, a mechanistic understanding of plant development has begun to emerge through a combination of molecular genetics, advances in microscopy, and computational models. Surprisingly, the development of...

Mesoscopic models of plant development

2014/15-2018/19 • $460,000 • PI
A central question of developmental biology is how organisms acquire their form. Computational models play an important role in addressing this question. Their relevance is due, in part, to the self-organizing character of many developmental processes, which is difficult to analyze and...

Mesoscopic models of plant development

2014/15-2016/17 • $120,000 • PI
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Computational models of plant development and form

2010/11-2013/14 • $270,000 • PI
How organisms acquire their form is a fascinating basic research problem in developmental biology. The form of an organism is largely determined by its genetic makeup, yet molecular-level phenomena do not control form directly. Instead, they set the stage for a cascade of developmental...