Jennifer D. Zwicker

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Development of an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot supporting coaching and optimal service for individuals with Neurodevelopmental disabilities and their families

2019/20-2020/21 • $694,130 • PI,CO,Other
Neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD) are a group of conditions including learning difficulty, intellectual disability and autism. NDD affects 16% of Canadian and is frequently associated with disabling challenging behaviours such as aggression toward others, self-injury and not following...

The Impact of an Innovative eHealth Transition Intervention on Self-Management Skills Among Young Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

2019/20-2020/21 • $521,220 • PI,CO
There have been major advances in the care of children born with heart defects ("congenital heart disease"- CHD) over the past 3 decades. Now over 90% of children with CHD reach adulthood. However, adolescent and young adult "survivors" are at risk of further heart problems. Unfortunately, most...

Early intensive leg exercise to improve walking in children with spastic diplegia from encephalopathy of prematurity

2018/19-2020/21 • $403,713 • PI,CO
Children born prematurely are at risk of brain injury that can result in cerebral palsy, most often affecting the both legs. Current treatment is largely passive, including leg braces, repeated injection of a paralyzing agent (botulinum toxin) in muscles that are abnormally active, and surgery...

Nothing without us: Towards inclusive, equitable COVID-19 policy responses for youth with disabilities and their families

2020/21 • $199,650 • PI,CO,Other
Persons with disabilities and their caregivers are an at-risk population in the COVID-19 pandemic who's mental health has been disproportionately impacted by the policy measures adopted in response. Given the increased risk for this vulnerable population during the pandemic and existing higher...

Disability Policy for Children and Youth

2019/20-2020/21 • $165,000 • PI
Socioeconomic status and access to services are some of the most powerful predictors of adverse brain development. Barriers to accessing necessary supports for children with neurodevelopmental disability (NDD), underpinned by fragmentation of service delivery, negatively impacts health outcomes,...

ACCESS: Assessing the Continuum of Care and Eligibility for Services and Supports for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their Families

2020/21 • $110,500 • PI,CO
Challenges accessing appropriate services is a reality for the estimated 1 in 11 children in Canada that have a Neurodevelopmental Disability (NDD). As a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Canada has made meaningful advances in...

Improving Health Outcomes and Coordinating Care for Children with Complex Health and Social Needs

2019/20-2020/21 • $52,944 • PI,CO,Other
For children born with medical complexity and their families, fragmentation of service delivery negatively impacts their health outcomes, family functioning and quality of life, and often leads to inappropriate and inefficient healthcare utilization. The majority of children with...

Evaluating the Impact of Primary Care Patient-Provider Relationships on Emergency Department Utilization by Adolescents with Chronic Conditions

2019/20 • $163,143 • PI,CO,Other
Traditionally, primary care has focused on establishing long-standing patient-physician relationships as a means to providing coordinated, continuous, patient-centered, and comprehensive care. Yet, it is unknown whether adolescents and young adults with chronic conditions maintain relationships...