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Advancing Concussion Assessment and Treatment in Children and Youth

2015/16-2020/21 • $3,341,337 • PI,Other
Each year, millions of children sustain concussions/mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI), and 15-25% suffer persistent symptoms and declines in quality of life. Clinicians caring for these children face three critical, unanswered questions: how to diagnose concussion, how to predict which...

Modulation of Adolescent TBI via the Orexin System, Sleep, and Glymphatic Function

2017/18-2020/21 • $804,780 • PI,CO
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most under-addressed and expensive pediatric health problems in Canada. Mild TBIs account for the majority of these brain injuries and incur national costs well above $3 billion/year. Adolescence is a particularly vulnerable time for mild TBI, and in...

Epigenetic Regulation of PFC Maturation in Adolescents

2017/18-2018/19 • $44,009 • PI
Brain development is a complex process that, at the molecular level, involves an intricate network of genes and their proteins. In addition to being maturation-specific and time-dependent, certain genes are highly regulated by internal and external cues. Epigenetics is a phenomenon whereby...

The microbiome of premature infants in asthma risk

2018/19 • $25,000 • PI,CO
Premature infants face an increased risk for life-long diseases and treatments. Among the most compromised systems of premature infants is the lung function. In Canada and globally, very premature infants (between 28-32 wks gestation) and extremely premature (less than 28 wks gestation) babies...