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Host-parasite interactions as a model to define immunological regulatory pathways

2017/18-2019/20 • $144,000 • PI
The effects of parasitic helminths (worms) are felt in Canada, where domestic livestock, companion animals and humans can suffer from infection with helminths. As anti-worm drug resistance arises and spreads there is an unmet need for new approaches to parasitic helminths: they are of major...

Capturing the dynamics of inter-organelle associations

2019/20 • $119,338 • PI,CO
Cells in the body respond to external cues by transducing signals received at a plasma membrane (PM) to a series of events that control functions ranging from membrane excitability to DNA regulation in the nucleus. To manage this cells have developed an intricate system of internal organelles...

NSERC CREATE in Host-Parasite Interactions (HPI) to model basic biological principles: From research and education to career path

2012/13-2017/18 • $1,650,000 • PI,CO
The impact of parasites is NOT limited to disease pockets in remote tropical countries: it is a Canadian concern, taking a huge toll on humans, our companion animals and domestic stock (costing billions of dollars in lost production annually), and it can have equally devastating effects on...

Host-parasite interaction as a model to define immunological regulatory pathways.

2012/13-2016/17 • $200,000 • PI
There is often the misconception that parasitic diseases are restricted to tropical regions of the world. This is far from the truth. The effects of parasitism are felt in Canada, where livestock, companion animals and humans can suffer from parasitic infections at the cost of millions of...

Regulating immune responses: what controls the regulators?

2010/11-2011/12 • $60,000 • PI
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