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CHILD-BRIGHT: Child Health Initiatives Limiting Disability- Brain Research Improving Growth and Health Trajectories

2015/16-2020/21 • $12,760,751 • PI,Other
The CHILD-BRIGHT network will achieve brighter futures for children with brain-based developmental disabilities (BDD) and their families by creating novel interventions to optimize development, promote healthy outcomes, and deliver responsive and supportive services across the life-course. Our...

Congenital Heart Disease across the Lifespan: Improving Quality of Care with Health Services Interventions

2016/17-2020/21 • $944,336 • PI,Other
Congenital heart diseases (CHD) are anomalies of the heart and circulation that occur at birth. We have shown that there are over 250,000 people in Canada living with CHD. The number of adults with CHD has more than tripled over the last three decades. Canada's universal health insurance...

The Impact of an Innovative eHealth Transition Intervention on Self-Management Skills Among Young Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

2019/20-2020/21 • $521,220 • PI,CO
There have been major advances in the care of children born with heart defects ("congenital heart disease"- CHD) over the past 3 decades. Now over 90% of children with CHD reach adulthood. However, adolescent and young adult "survivors" are at risk of further heart problems. Unfortunately, most...

Prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart diseases in Canada: The FREQUENCY study

2019/20-2020/21 • $119,621 • PI,CO
Heart malformations are the most frequent malformations at birth. Serious heart malformations require immediate care at birth and many affected children will need open-heart surgery. It is important to diagnose heart malformations before birth as it increases the likelihood of survival and...

Evaluating the Trajectory of Aortic Stenosis (AS) in Quebec patients - Diagnosis, Treatments, and Outcomes

2020/21 • $66,938 • PI,CO
Aortic stenosis is a narrowing of the aortic valve and the only treatment is to replace the valve either by open heart surgery or by a newer technique using a catheter based approach (TAVR) which avoids opening the chest. Both techniques are effective but in the real world how it is decided...

Impact of pulmonary valve replacement in children with repaired tetralogy of Fallot: meeting the knowledge gap

2016/17-2018/19 • $129,966 • PI,CO
Tetralogy of Fallot is a severe heart malformation requiring open heart surgery in infancy. With the surgery, patients can often live relatively normal lives well into their teens and adulthood. However, some will eventually require a second surgery to replace one of the valves in their heart....

Cancer in Children with Congenital Heart Disease: Is there a Threshold Effect of Exposure to Cardiac Procedure Related Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation?

2017/18 • $75,000 • PI,CO
Over the past 4 decades, infants previously known as "blue babies" have become one of the fastest growing population with chronic lifelong diseases. There are over 250,000 patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) in Canada. They require life-long care with numerous cardiac procedures to...


2015/16-2016/17 • $144,444 • PI,Other
We showed that advances in medical and surgical therapy have led to a 57% increase in the adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) population over the last decade. By 2010, an estimated 250,000 Canadians had congenital heart disease (CHD) of which ~70% were adults. We have also shown that ACHD...

Analyzing and Reducing Health Disparities in Adult Congenital Heart Disease.

2010/11-2012/13 • $204,930 • PI,CO
Children born with congenital are now becoming adults. As where previously, many "blue babies" died, advances in surgery and medicine has resulted in better survival and increasing number of patients. Our group has previously shown that there were 96,000 adults with congenital heart disease in...