Recent Research Projects

Condensed Matter Theory

2014/15-2019/20 • $525,000 • PI
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Correlation Effects in Topological Insulators

2014/15-2019/20 • $216,000 • PI
The laws governing the behavior of individual electrons and atoms are simple, elegant, and few. But then how can we account for the endless variety of forms which we observe matter to assume? Condensed matter physics seeks to explain these observations and to discover new states of matter....

Condensed Matter Theory

2019/20 • $75,000 • PI
Dr. Maciejkos research focuses on elucidating the behavior of novel quantum materials, such as topological materials and spin liquids, whose unusual electronic properties may lead to disruptive new technologies. To understand how such properties can emerge from microscopic interactions between...

Topology and the Next Generation of Quantum Materials

2018/19 • $125,000 • PI,CO
Of all the scientific discoveries of the past few decades, one of the most promising - and surprising - is that of topological materials. What makes a topological material so special is that the shape of its quantum wavefunction completely determines useful properties such as its ability to...