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Making I-SPARX fly in Nunavut

2017/18-2020/21 • $1,291,237 • PI,CO
Inuit youth in Northern Canada face extreme adversities, leading to concerning mental health needs, and the highest adolescent suicide rates in the world. Despite their increased risk, remote Northern communities are often without resources for early prevention and intervention programs. A...

Refugee integration and long-term health outcomes in Canada

2016/17-2020/21 • $1,285,507 • PI,CO
Canada provides protection to refugees from overseas through two different programs. In one, the government selects and supports refugees for the first year of settlement: government assisted refugees (GARs). In the other, support is provided by volunteer groups: private sponsored refugees...

Promising Practices in Accessing Virtual Mental Health: Supporting Refugees during COVID-19

2020/21 • $79,031 • PI,CO,Other
The goal of this project is to identify key concerns and promising practices with respect to delivery of virtual mental health services, and to develop guidelines for referring refugee clients to these services. The COVID pandemic can affect immigrant and refugee mental health in multiple ways:...

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health and Well-being of Caregivers and Families Living with Autism

2020/21 • $34,068 • PI,CO,Other
Caregivers and families (i.e. siblings) with children and adolescents with autism often experience demanding stressors and distress associated with providing care to the family member with autism. We aim to better understand what has been documented regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Interactive Technologies for Mental Health in Primary care

2014/15-2019/20 • $300,000 • PI
Mental health (MH) conditions and illnesses are a serious burden. In Canada, one in five individuals experiences a MH problem or illness in any given year leading to a direct cost of $51 billion annually (Health Canada 2002; Lim 2008). Moreover, timely detection and access to care remains a...

Students Mental Health: Virtual Support on Campus

2015/16-2018/19 • $410,732 • PI,CO
The prevalence of diagnosable mental illnesses is increasing on North American university campuses. Meanwhile the Canadian health care system faces serious challenges that include long wait-times for mental health care. This is of particular concern for youth entering post-secondary education...

Canadian Chronic disease Awareness and Management Program (C-CHAMP)

2013/14-2017/18 • $2,496,974 • PI,CO,Other
The most prevalent chronic health conditions are largely the product of interactions among a small set of well-established, modifiable causes, such as smoking, having a sedentary lifestyle, heavy drinking and high salt consumption. These chronic health conditions, notably obesity, diabetes and...

The Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program for the South Asian Community in York Region: Assessing volunteer participation and the gender and ethno-specific impacts

2013/14-2016/17 • $289,669 • PI,CO,Other
South Asians are known to have a significant higher prevalence of hypertension than Caucasians. They are also at an elevated risk for premature coronary artery disease and are 3 to 5 times more likely to have diabetes than Caucasians due to an increased prevalence of abdominal obesity, insulin...

Centre for Research Development in Gender, Mental Health and Violence Across the Lifespan

2010/11-2014/15 • $1,734,000 • PI,CO
The mental health of children and adults across many areas, including substance use, mood and personality disorders can be profoundly affected by violence in the home. These effects often persist, and can contribute to ongoing cycles of violence and poor health. Child maltreatment (CM) and...

Toward Equity in Cancer Screening: Multicultural Tools and Strategies for Improving Breast and Cervical Screening Among Canadian Newcomers

2013/14 • $25,000 • PI,CO,Other
By detecting breast and cervical cancer early, mammograms and Pap tests save the lives of many Canadian women. However, immigrant and refugee women often lack information about cancer screening or cannot access crucial screening services which contributes to low rates of screening in these...

Concept mapping with stakeholders to inform HIV programs addressing patient defaulting in Malawi

2011/12 • $9,875 • PI,CO
Note we would like to be considered for the Open HIV/AIDS Pool Funding Opportunity. As part of a joint Canada-Malawi project on patient defaulting from antiretroviral therapy (ART), we plan to use concept mapping methods to incorporate local stakeholder perspectives in the development of...

The role of housing in promoting and maintaining the health of victims of domestic violence

2010/11 • $177,249 • PI,CO
Domestic violence (DV) is a serious health and social issue. Programs and policies have been developed, including those related to supportive housing, to break the cycle of violence and/or reduce harm. One such policy in Ontario gives victims of abuse priority placement for social housing....

Socio-cultural and individual determinants of accessing sexual health services among young adults

2010/11 • $17,500 • Scholarship/Fellowship,Other
Worldwide, young adults between the ages of 15 to 24 account for 45% of new HIV infections each year (UNAIDS, 2008). Among young adults in Canada between the ages of 15-19, women comprise more than half of the new HIV positive cases (PHAC, 2007). Previous research evidence has demonstrated that...

Socially Engaged Citizenship as a Pathway to Health Equity for Displaced Populations: Addressing the Complexity, Innovating the Practice

2010/11 • $14,325 • PI,CO,Other
Around the world there are at least 240 million migrants, 27 million of which are internally displaced. In Canada, displaced people include landed immigrants, political/environmental refugees, non-status/temporary workers, and internal migrants which include urban Aboriginal groups. Displacement...