Mobile and Cloud Computing Equipment for Crowdsourced Multimedia

Funding Details
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Grant type: Research Tools and Instruments - Category 1 (<$150,000)
  • Year: 2014/15
  • Total Funding: $136,141
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Project Summary

I am one of the six recipients of the 2015 NSERC E.W.R. Steacie Fellowship. The proposed list of equipment will be used to support my Steacie research project on "Crowdsourced Multimedia over Social Networks: Generation, Processing, and Dissemination".The past decade has witnessed an explosion of new generation social, mobile and cloud computing technologies for multimedia processing and sharing. Networked services in today's Web 2.0 era focus more on the user experience, user participation and interaction with rich media. The revolution is further accelerated by the deep penetration of 3G/4G wireless networks and smart mobile devices. These together enable crowdsourcing, a new paradigm that utilizes the collective effort of massive users in the online community for information generation and processing. My research team have been actively working in this field with promising outcomes. Our further research requires deep investigation into the design and inside implementation of the many components in a full-fledged crowdsourced multimedia system. We expect to build a multi-faceted platform that gathers a set of mobile multimedia crowdsourcers. It will also include an experimental cloud datacenter for aggregating and processing the massive crowdsourced data in realtime, and a monitoring system for the traffic and environmental parameters therein, which will consist of a comprehensive array of smart traffic meters as well as sensors and thermal cameras at servers and routers. Crowdsourced multimedia is a relatively new research field, which is built on the latest networking and computing platforms. There is no a comprehensive and up-to-date infrastructure dedicated for crowdsourced multimedia research in the local region. Many of the personal mobile devices that can serve as multimedia crowdsourcers have just emerged in the market. The realistic software/hardware configurations and the comprehensive set of monitoring devices will help us identify the challenges and issues in realworld settings as well as evaluate our theoretical solutions, allowing them to be smoothly imported to the public environment.

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