A versatile, multifunctional system for full characterizations of reaction intermediates and pathways for sustainable synthesis of smart materials and value-added chemicals

Funding Details
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Grant type: Research Tools and Instruments
  • Year: 2015/16
  • Total Funding: $141,128
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Project Summary

<p>The versatile, multifunctional system for capturing reaction intermediates will support multiple existing and emerging research programs in the area of smart material discovery and applications, heterogeneous catalysis for fuel and chemical synthesis, next generation technology for bio-fuel production, petrochemical refining technology, and bio-energy generation, led by 10 PIs in four departments and across two faculties (Applied Science and Engineering, Forestry) at the University of Toronto. In addition, it will also support the work from an additional, external PI in the nano-engineering area from Western University.</p> <p>The requested setup is a unique, highly customized system. It consists of a highly accurate gas delivery system, an environmental chamber, and a high performance mass spectrometer directly mounted onto the chamber. Such an instrument enables detailed quantification of chemical species as they formed in reactions and tracking of chemical reaction pathways during the valorization of lignocellulosic biomass, formation of nano-composite, catalysis, and homogeneous reactions for fuels and chemical synthesis, especially for time-dependent studies. It will support approximately 60 HQP and 10 other internal/external collaborators. This instrument complements the newly acquired spectroscopic and microscopic capabilities in the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering. <br /> <br /> The instrument will excel several existing programs and foster new research partnerships with energy, chemical, and petro-refining industries. It will serve as the core research capability used for quantitative, fundamental understanding on how oxygenates, polymer precursors, and petrochemical derived products undergo chemical transformation and how chemical precursors convert into highly valuable compounds, as fuels, commodity chemicals, or pharmaceutical products. <br /> <br /> </p>