Predicting Startup Performance Metrics**

Funding Details
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Grant type: Engage Grants Program
  • Year: 2018/19
  • Total Funding: $25,000
Principle Investigator(s)

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Project Summary

Today, there is no standardized report card for private market businesses, no common way to describe the maturity or potential chance of success the business has. Amongst its initial goals, our industrial partner, FastApps, is creating an automated holistic business analysis and benchmarking platform to facilitate the calculation of a probability of success of early stage companies. This project will be an instrumental step towards: 1) develop software that will automatically gather publicly available data on Canadian companies and process this into a machine readable/measurable format; 2) create a set of metrics, which would be indicative of a company's level of success to enable investment and consulting firms to have access to more transparent data about potential future outcomes with regards to their investments; and, 3) provide a predictive analysis tool that helps in understanding which companies will be successful in a given time period.

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