Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms in Joint Contracture Development

Funding Details
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Grant type: Operating Grant
  • Years: 2010/11 to 2011/12
  • Total Funding: $213,603
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Project Summary

Following injuries to joints, many people suffer functional deficits due to loss of motion (joint contracture) as a complication of the injury. Our research focuses on changes in the structures surrounding the joint that limit joint motion. One such structure, the joint capsule, is similar to a balloon that completely envelops the ends of the bones that form the joint. It has been observed that individuals with joint contractures following injury have tendency for the soft-tissues around the joint to become less compliant. This project will define stimuli and factors contributing to these aberrant healing responses. This information is critical as we search for additional measures to lessen the severity and risk of joint contractures following injury and after surgery to treat established joint contractures.