Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neurobiology

Funding Details
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Grant type: Canada Research Chairs - CIHR Funded - Tier 2
  • Years: 2010/11 to 2011/12
  • Total Funding: $350,000
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Project Summary

My research program focuses on determining how cells in the mammalian nervous system differentiate, survive, and establish connections during development, and on using this information to try and develop therapeutic strategies for treating the damaged or degenerating adult nervous system. Within this broad context, our specific objectives are to understand how growth factors maintain the survival and growth of developing and injured neurons, and to ask whether a novel accessible adult stem cell we have identified can be used to treat problems such as Parkinsons disease and spinal cord injury. This research program will hopefully provide us with therapeutic alternatives for nervous system disorders for which we currently have no treatments.

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