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Further development of dissolving pulp production processes

2014/15-2016/17 • $238,400
This project is to establish collaboration of Dr. Yonghao Ni of the University of New Brunswick with Neucel Specialty Cellulose and AV Nackawic. The overall objectives are: 1) to improve the quality of dissolving pulps from the sulfite and pre-hydrolysis kraft-based dissolving pulps; 2) to...

Fundamental studies of drying, combustion and ash properties of biomass and impacts of pulp and paper mill operations

2012/13-2015/16 • $1,876,000
Pulp and paper mills in Canada require large amounts of high pressure steam and electric power to operate. About two-thirds of the energy required is supplied by burning the concentrated black liquor (spent pulping liquor) in recovery boilers. The remaining is from biomass boilers, known...

Implementation of biorefining technologies in Kraft mills: impact assessment and feasibility

2010/11-2012/13 • $233,180
The Kraft process produces wood pulp for the manufacture of high quality printing papers, tissue papers and packaging material. It is an attractive candidate for partial conversion to biorefinery while maintaining the manufacturing of its traditional core products. The premise of the forest...

Wood raw material variations and their impact on the production of dissolving pulps and quality

2011/12-2012/13 • $88,000
This project is to collaborate with AV Group to establish databases of wood and fibre properties that are critical to the production of dissolving pulp, and to develop models relating key wood properties, including chemical compositions, to processing parameters and end-product properties. The...

Utilization of hemicellulose from the pre-hydrolysis liquor of the kraft based dissolving pulp production process

2010/11-2011/12 • $206,496
The project is to collaborate with AV Nackawic, and FPInnovations - Paprican, to develop the technologies: i) to optimize the pre-hydrolysis process, ii) to separate/concentrate/purify hemicellulose from the pre-hydrolysis liquor of the pre-hydrolysis kraft-based dissolving pulp production...

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