Recent Research Projects

NSERC/Industrial Research Chair in ecosystem reclamation

2018/19-2019/20 • $381,320
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PGE distribution in the New Afton Cu-Au porphyry deposit**

2018/19 • $25,000
Much of Canada's primary production of both copper and gold comes from deposits called alkalic porphyry deposits. These deposits are hosted by or associated with a type of igneous intrusion that is thought to be derived by melting of the mantle deep beneath the Earth's crust over subduction...

Mine-to-mill integration for block cave mines

2016/17-2017/18 • $143,720
The Geomechanics Group and the Mine-to-Mill Groups at the University of British Columbia are actively pursuing research on Cave-to-Mill, an innovative approach to integrating cave mining with milling processes to improve production forecasting and support real time grade control. Based on recent...

Identification of the Microorganisms Enhancing Cyanide Degradation during Gold Recovery from a Heap Leach Operation

2017/18 • $25,000
New Golds Mesquite gold mine is experiencing significant cyanide consumption at its heap leach operation. As a result, the process cannot rely on a steady stream of unutilized cyanide that can be recycled to the heap for further gold recovery. Consequently, nearly all of the free cyanide...

Characterization and degradation studies of xanthates in mining waters

2017/18 • $12,490
Xanthates are compounds used to aid froth flotation in the mining industry to improve metal extraction ofsulphide minerals by selectively separating hydrophobic and hydrophilic minerals. We recently completed anNSERC Engage project with New Afton Mine (New Gold Inc.) in which we successfully...

Determination and characterization of xanthates in mining waters by capillary electrophoresis

2016/17 • $24,740
Froth flotation is a process for separating valuable minerals from ore. Surface active collector chemicalsisolate minerals and metal species from multicomponent process mixtures in the flotation process. Thecollector chemicals most commonly used in the flotation of sulfide minerals and gold are...

Integrating food web theory with grassland restoration on mine reclamation sites

2012/13 • $16,010
Mining is an important and growing industry in Canada. Environmental laws and regulations govern mining, including environmental assessment, management and reclamation. There is a critical need to work with the mining industry to develop best management practices for successful ecosystem...

Restoration of ecosystems on the New Afton Mine site

2011/12 • $24,000
The mining industry in Canada is expanding; creating jobs and revenue for the country and providing necessary resources for society. A critical aspect of mining is ecosystem restoration following mine closure. Ecological restoration is a developing field of science that is ideally positioned to...

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