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Exactis - PreThera Research / Recherche PreThera

2016/17-2017/18 • $1,613,000
No summary

A Wireless CMOS Device for Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections and Antibiotic Susceptibility Profiling

2014/15-2016/17 • $677,528
The Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases estimates that 25% of all physician visits are related to infectious diseasesand result in a total cost of >$12billion annually for treatment and lost productivity. We have developed a disposablemicrochip that is able to identify and type live...

Technology for Analysis of miRNA Signatures (TAmiRS): a Novel Tool for Personalized Cancer Medicine

2014/15-2016/17 • $451,599
Within each type of cancer there are multiple subtypes that exhibit different levels of aggressive behaviour and requiredifferent management strategies. As a result, the classical "one-size-fits-all" approach in cancer management is not efficient.To be efficient, a cancer therapy should be...

Nanoparticle-based anti-Myc cancer therapeutics

2014/15-2016/17 • $448,039
We are designing new drugs that can combat cancer. These drugs are based on natural proteins, which are abundant inyour body and make your body function. We take these building blocks and design super protein drugs. One of our drugsinterferes with a known problem in cells that can lead to...

Nonlinear Optical Imaging for Digital Pathology

2014/15-2016/17 • $425,394
This project will develop a novel approach to improve histopathology, using multiple nonlinear light-tissue interactions thatoccur when intense but very short pulses of laser light (less than one billionth of a second) are used. These interactionsprovide novel mechanisms for image contrast in...

Quantitative functional magnetic resonance imaging for the management of brain injuries

2014/15-2016/17 • $400,007
Traumatic closed-head brain injury is a large and growing problem among otherwise healthy, often young, people in Canada.Clinical evidence shows that even concussion, TBIs mildest form, can result in disability because of the development ofsymptoms that last long after the injury. Conventional...

La portion C-terminale de la protéine P97 de Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: une nouvelle molécule adjuvante à des fins vaccinales

2014/15-2016/17 • $364,958
Etant donné la faible immunogénicité relative connue des vaccins sous-unitaires ou inactivés, l'utilisation d'un adjuvant est laplupart du temps indispensable pour l'élaboration de ces types de vaccins qui présentent l'avantage d'être plus sécuritairesque les vaccins vivants. De plus, le nombre...

Sensing and modulating neuronal activity from the spinal epidural space with optical fibers

2014/15-2016/17 • $357,982
Optical techniques offer the spatial resolution and the contrast necessary to locate and measure neuronal activity. We havedeveloped optical fiber technology for creating miniature micro-optical devices by leveraging many standard practices fromthe telecommunication industry which can serve as...

Active Stent Based Endohyperthermia System for Inhibition of In-Stent Restenosis

2014/15-2016/17 • $325,935
Each year 3 million stents are implanted worldwide for a variety of applications, with the main use to keep open bloodvessels that become narrowed or blocked. The stent implantation, however, often leads to a major complication known as instentrestenosis which means re-blockage of blood flow at...

Non-invasive shear strain ultrasound elastography of carotid atherosclerotic plaques for stroke prevention

2014/15-2016/17 • $302,078
Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in developed countries. More than 60% of all cerebral infarctions arecaused by the rupture of a vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque leading to vascular thrombosis, detachment of the blood clot, itsmigration and obstruction of downstream blood...

Pressure Sore Risk Management in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Local and Whole Body Thermoregulation Strategies, Material Interface and Care Protocols

2014/15-2016/17 • $292,623
Pressure sores in wheelchair-bound patients are painful, may cause serious infections, impair quality of life for children andtheir families, and are expensive to the health-care system (Pham et al. 2011). Children with cerebral palsy (CP) haverelatively high metabolic rates due to muscle...

Simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation treatment in solid tumours: A new platform to promote synergy and therapeutic efficacy with radiation triggered drug release

2014/15-2016/17 • $283,502
Treating cancer patients with drugs and radiation at the same time is very effective and even curative, but this combinedtreatment often results in severe toxicities to normal tissues that prevent the treatments from being used at full doses. Wetherefore plan to develop a new platform that uses...

Rapidly-Gelling, Guanosine 5' Diphosphate-Crosslinked Injectable Chitosan Sponges to Promote Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells' Differentiation Post-Spinal Cord Injuries

2014/15-2016/17 • $277,441
In Canada, there are approximately 86,000 Canadians living with spinal cord injuries (SCI). The economic burden caused bySCI is immense, costing Canada an estimated $3.6 billion/Y. The initial trauma causes a contusion injury to the spinal cordresulting in damage to neurons and oligodendrocytes...

A novel mineralization-inducing membrane for promoting periodontal attachment

2014/15-2016/17 • $276,081
Periodontal diseases are high-prevalence gum infections that affect over 120 million North American adults. In periodontitis,bacterial invasion destroys the seal between the gums and tooth root that is normally present in healthy teeth. This leads todestruction of the ligament that attaches the...

Modulation-Encoded Micromachined Transducer Arrays for Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging of Prostate and Colorectal Cancer

2014/15-2016/17 • $274,000
Presently doctors cannot easily see prostate cancer using imaging techniques like ultrasound imaging. This means thatmany biospy and treatment strategies are quite blind. It would be so much better if clinicians could visualize tumors and theirenvironment and have a way to guide needle biopsies...

Novel Haptics-Enabled Robotic Systems for Rehabilitation Therapy

2014/15-2016/17 • $273,396
Stroke is a leading cause of death and adult neurological disability in Canada with approximately 50,000 cases of strokeoccurring every year and about 315,000 Canadians currently living with the effects of stroke. It has been estimated thatstroke costs the Canadian economy almost 3.6 billion...

Developing Novel Integrated Point-of-Care Systems for Chronic Kidney Disease Biomarkers Measurements

2014/15-2016/17 • $265,170
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing health problem that affects roughly 1.2 million Canadians. Untreated, CKD canlead to kidney failure, a condition that requires treatment with dialysis. Once on dialysis, patients experience poor health anda low quality of life. In addition, dialysis is a...

Universal point-of-care test device for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases

2014/15-2016/17 • $247,495
Infectious diseases have become a major threat to public health, causing more than 13 million deaths per year, of whichapproximately 50% occur in developing countries. Clinicians rely on the laboratory to identify the pathogen responsible forthese diseases and initiate proper treatment, which...

Characterization of blood storage lesions using photoacoustic technologies

2014/15-2016/17 • $242,597
There is a significant clinical need for blood products used in blood transfusions. Typical clinical situations where blood isneeded include traumatic or surgical bleeding, anemias and diseases that affect hemoglobin production. The CanadianBlood Services collects approximately 850,000 units of...

Treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration with CD36 Receptor Modulators

2014/15-2016/17 • $241,156
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in Canada. Nearly 80,000 Canadians wereestimated to be affected with AMD and as our population ages this number is expected to grow at a rate of 10,000 per year.A common eye condition among people age 50 and older, AMD...

Development of a mechanically biomcompatible hip replacement implant with Ti-6Al-4V open-cell microlattice architecture

2014/15-2016/17 • $237,997
Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is an ordinary surgery that involves the removal and replacement of the damaged hip joint withan artificial femoral head and acetabular cup. Although the operation is generally successful, the service life of existingimplants is generally limited to 15 years, after...

Development and Clinical Efficacies of an Innovative Quantitative Intraoperative C-arm System

2014/15-2016/17 • $234,775
During orthopaedic surgeries, surgeons use X-ray imaging to detect bone and implant positions with a mobile C-arm (sonameddue to the C shape, with the X-ray source on one side and the detector on the other). This is essential to get a visualsense of the locations of the instruments and implants...

Élaboration d'un procédé de production de cellules thérapeutiques autologues destiné au traitement de la Dystrophie musculaire de Duchenne

2014/15-2016/17 • $225,592
La dystrophie musculaire de Duchenne (DMD) est une maladie génétique incurable touchant un garçon sur 3500. Lespatients atteints de DMD souffrent d'une dégénérescence musculaire progressive qui les mène à la chaise roulante dès 10ans et à la mort vers 20 ans. Pr. Tremblay, participant à cette...

Optical guidance for safe and effective brain tumor biopsy

2014/15-2016/17 • $211,407
Brain tumor treatment often involves open-cranium surgery to achieve maximum resection and provide survival benefits.However this is not always the best treatment option and the decision whether or not to proceed with surgery is informed bythe suspected type and grade of the tumor, as well as by...

Wearable sensors to promote arm and hand function after stroke

2014/15-2016/17 • $208,670
OBJECTIVES: This proposal will 1) design and validate a wearable sensor system which can characterize and monitorfunctional arm and hand movements in people with stroke and 2) evaluate the effect of the wearable sensor system onimproving upper extremity function in individuals with stroke.THE...

Development of an Ultrasound based Elastography System for Renal Transplantation

2014/15-2016/17 • $194,000
Over 5400 Canadians were diagnosed with kidney failure in 2011, and numbers of patients requiring treatment for thiscondition have more than tripled in the last 10 years. Lack of donor organs means that Canadians desiring a kidneytransplant can expect to wait up to 10 years for surgery. By...

Preclinical Development of Natural Product-Based Agents as Anti-Cancer Drugs

2014/15-2016/17 • $181,554
Cancer metastases (the spreading of cancer cells from one organ or tissue to another) are ultimately the cause of death in90 percent of cancer patients. Therefore, the need for drugs capable of interfering with this process is enormous. As theactin cytoskeleton is the key cellular machinery...


2014/15-2016/17 • $180,569
In human limbs the muscles are bundled into compartments surrounded by inelastic tissue called fascia. High energy impactto muscles, such as that sustained during an accident, results in swelling of the damaged tissue. This raises the tissuepressure and results in the condition called Acute...

Scanning micro-cantilever based catheter for in vivo imaging

2014/15-2016/17 • $179,177
Bronchoscopes are thin and long instruments that are inserted through either the nose or mouth and used to visualize theairways. Bronchoscopes generally consist of a hollow tube housing a fiber optic system that transmits an image from the tipof the instrument to a video camera at the opposite...

Real-Time In Vivo Oral Pathology for Clinical Decision Making

2014/15-2016/17 • $174,652
We propose to provide new non-invasive optical imaging technology for guiding clinical decisions in the diagnosis andmanagement of oral cancer. This new technology is called optical coherence tomography (OCT) and is analogous toultrasound imaging except light is used as the imaging signal...

Articular Cartilage Reconstruction

2014/15-2016/17 • $168,003
Damage to the tissue that lines the surface of the bones of the knees, and that provide smooth joint motion, can ultimatelyprogress to form cracks and defects. These cracks and defects result in the pain associated with arthritis, and is calledosteoarthritis. We plan on developing a treatment...

Robotic interface with Haptic Guidance and Artificial Intelligence for People with Disabilities

2014/15-2016/17 • $166,500
Through exploring the environment a child develops cognitive and perceptual skills. Children with physical disabilities whohave difficulty manipulating objects may miss opportunities for meaningful exploration of their environment. However,children with disabilities have been motivated to use...

Transformative Bioglass Coatings for Surgical Applications

2014/15-2016/17 • $165,773
In order to design surgical coats that retard bacterial infection and promote formation of dense bone in patients with lowbone mass or compromised healing, this project has three interrelated objectives:1) Apply regression models to formulate borate glasses substituted with ions of therapeutic...

Development of a Virtual Training Simulator to Model Shoulder Replacement Surgery

2014/15-2016/17 • $126,500
The incidence of orthopaedic procedures of the upper limb is increasing dramatically in our aging population. Although someof the currently employed joint replacement procedures are successful, most surgeons tend to find them technicallychallenging. Recently, there has been growing interest in...

RF Time Series Flashlight for Targeted Prostate Biopsy

2014/15-2016/17 • $126,440
Prostate cancer remains the most common cancer diagnosed in men in Canada, with about 25,000 new cases per year.Given the vagaries of early detection of prostate cancer (PCa) with the use of prostate specific antigen, there is an acuteneed to enhance detection and grading of this malignancy in...

Stem Cell Network/Réseau de cellules souches

2012/13-2015/16 • $2,061,000
No summary

PreThera Research / Recherche PreThera

2013/14-2015/16 • $1,386,000
No summary

Computerized patient phenotyping to connect canadian clinical genetics clinics

2013/14-2015/16 • $211,500
Approximately one in 12 Canadians is affected by a rare disorder; many of these conditions are severe, and most are currently untreatable. With the lives of over three million Canadians affected, the impact of rare genetic disorders on the healthcare system and Canadian society as a whole is...

ARMS UP/Assisted Robotic Movement after Stroke using Brain Power: controlling robotics with EEG

2013/14-2015/16 • $194,625
A major limitation after stroke is poor arm function. This severely hampers both recovery from stroke and also is a major contributor to reduced quality of life. Despite increased understanding of how the brain recovers from stroke effective therapies that stimulate return of stroke affected arm...

Bioengineered chimpanzee adenovirus-based vaccines against tuberculosis: Optimization of immunologic property, formulation and delivery for bench-to-human applications

2013/14-2014/15 • $486,738
Lung tuberculosis (TB) is one of the leading global infectious causes of death. TB still remains a serious health concern inCanada due to ever-increasing immigrant populations (latent TB), high incidence rates of TB in First Nations communities,and much increased susceptibility to TB by HIV...

Hybrid (Co-registered) intravascular imaging technology of coronary atherosclerosis using wavelength-modulated differential photoacoustic radar and ultrasonic tomography

2013/14-2014/15 • $404,582
A novel intravascular imager technology of fatty acids in arteries responsible for heart disease and stroke will be developed.The imager consists of a catheter carrying combined photoacoustic and ultrasonic sources and detectors capable ofscanning circumferentially (tomographically) the inside...

Spatial data mining exploring co-location of adverse birth outcomes and environmental variables

2013/14-2014/15 • $400,929
Adverse birth outcomes (ABO), such as prematurity and low-birth weight, have immediate and long-term healthconsequences, including serious emotional and economic impacts on society. Current research identified relationshipsbetween ABO maternal factors, social factors and certain pollutants....

Improving quality and patient safety in radiation therapy by integrating multi-disciplinary criteria into an artificial intelligence system

2013/14-2014/15 • $325,531
The delivery of radiation for the treatment of cancer is a complicated process that requires both clinical and technicalexpertise to ensure radiation treatments are safe and effective. Sub-optimal treatment plans have the potential to result insignificant detriment to the patient and several...

Intra-operative optical coherence tomography for corneal transplant surgery in Keratoconus

2013/14-2014/15 • $314,970
Keratoconus (KC) is a degenerative eye disease that causes structural changes in the cornea resulting in opaqueness,thinning and shape alterations. The changes cause significant vision distortions, such as multiple images, streaking andsensitivity to light. KC affects approximately 0.1% of the...

Screening technologies for identification of bacterial vascular dissemination inhibitors and testing of novel antibioticcomplementing therapeutic molecules

2013/14-2014/15 • $313,634
The spread of bacteria from the initial site of infection to other parts of the body via the bloodstream (dissemination) isresponsible for most of the mortality caused by bacterial infection. Infectious diseases cost the Canadian economy$3.49B/year. The Canadian biopharmaceutical industry,...

Universal smart guided-catheter systems based on novel shape memory polymer brush actuators for minimally invasive vascular surgery

2013/14-2014/15 • $313,100
Catheters are widely employed in vascular and cardiovascular disease (CVD) treatment. CVD is the leading cause of deathin adult Canadian men and women. In Canada, 70,000 patients die out of 500,000 hospitalized CVD cases per year.Catheters are not only important in these life-saving surgical...

Closed-loop control of anesthesia

2013/14-2014/15 • $309,194
We are all dependant on computers to perform complex and high risk tasks that make us safer, such as flying on commercialairplanes. Computers that automatically control such tasks are safer than humans as they are much better at performingrepetitive tasks with accuracy and precision. They do not...

Innovative vascular implants based on electrospinning and bioactive coatings

2013/14-2014/15 • $305,350
Vast numbers of patients world-wide suffer from cardiovascular diseases; this has led to growing use of implants designed torestore normal blood flow in diseased vessels. However, their success is limited: Vascular grafts (tubes made of plastic),sutured to blood vessels to replace diseased...

Development and bioimaging of blood-brain barrier vectorized nanoparticles

2013/14-2014/15 • $304,070
One third of Canadians of all ages will be affected by a brain disease during his or her lifetime. While the population isgetting older, the risk of suffering from Alzheimer, stroke, Parkinson, etc. increases exponentially after age 65. Most peopledo not realize that the socioeconomic burden of...

Milieu d'hébergement intelligent pour la clientèle ayant une déficience physique avec prédominance cognitive : de l'implantation à l'évaluation

2013/14-2014/15 • $302,184
Au Canada, environ 100 000 personnes sont victimes d'un traumatisme craniocérébral (TCC) annuellement. Environ 10 %d'entre eux devront résider dans un centre d'hébergement de longue durée non adapté à leur situation de vie. Afin derépondre à leurs besoins, le Centre de réadaptation de l'Estrie a...

Transcutaneous microsphere vaccine technology

2013/14-2014/15 • $300,000
Common "killed" microbe vaccines such as hepatitis vaccine, must be given repeatedly to be effective. Influenza vaccinemust be given yearly. This is costly and inconvenient. In recent work we have shown that vaccines can be incorporated intodissolving spheres that release bursts of vaccine in...

The development of an eosinophil-specific bioactive paper detection system

2013/14-2014/15 • $300,000
Asthma and COPD are common airway diseases, Flare-ups (exacerbations) cause significant morbidity. The majority ofthese are associated with an allergic type of bronchitis that is characterized by the presence of a white blood cell, eosinophil,that can be detected in sputum. However, this is not...

Rapid gene expression and protein profiling for transplantation medicine

2013/14-2014/15 • $282,900
Lung transplantation (LTx) is a life-saving therapy for patients suffering from end-stage lung disease. While there have beensignificant advances in procedures for lung transplantation, there are still significant impediments that stand in the way ofsuccessful transplantation outcomes. While the...

Development of a pumpless lung assist device which acts like an artificial placenta for neonates with respiratory failure.

2013/14-2014/15 • $273,356
Respiratory failure is the major cause of morbidity among neonates with birth weights less than 1,500 g. Mechanicalventilation has dramatically improved neonatal outcome during the last decade. However, this approach is not effectiveenough in neonates with severe respiratory failure to prevent...

Nanoplasmonics enhanced laser gene delivery for retinal degenerative diseases

2013/14-2014/15 • $269,000
Retinal degenerative diseases are the leading causes of vision loss and affect millions of individuals in Canada. Thesediseases are either incurable or can be only moderately ameliorated with current therapies. As an emerging solution,delivering therapeutic genes into impaired cells shows...

Optical guidance during neurosurgery for deep brain stimulation electrode implantation in the treatment of Parkinson's disease

2012/13-2014/15 • $265,000
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery is a therapeutic avenue for late-stage Parkinson's disease patients who do not respond anymore to standard medication (L-Dopa). The surgery consists in the insertion of an electrode in the subthalamic nucleus (STN), a millimeter-sized region of the brain...

Design of a high content personalized medicine screening tool for the treatment of cancer

2013/14-2014/15 • $239,901
Drug treatments for cancer patients are largely based on the part of the body where the cancer originated and itsappearance under the microscope. New personalized treatment approaches are needed to improve survival and reduce theside effects of ineffective treatments. Our goal is to design a...

Development of a mobile multimodal assistive technology for the navigation of persons with disabilities in urban area

2013/14-2014/15 • $229,982
Social participation of persons with disabilities represents a challenging problem for Canadian and international societies.According to Health Canada, Over 3,300,000 Canadians report some level of disability that poses a unique problem to theirhealth. Recent data published by Statistics Canada...

Polymers for proteomic enrichment of early cancer biomarkers

2013/14-2014/15 • $226,161
Despite the global research effort aimed at cancer prevention and treatment, cancer is still a major killer of Canadians. Thecost of diagnosis and treatment to our health care system is staggering. We need better, early and accurate diagnostic testsof cancer to provide the best early treatments...

Enhancement of nerve regeneration with controlled release of neurotrophic factors

2013/14-2014/15 • $220,355
Nerve injury produces lifelong disability in many patients. Despite the best current surgical methods, clinical results remainsuboptimal. We have previously demonstrated, delivery of growth factors improves functional outcomes in rats with severeperipheral nerve injuries. We now propose using a...

Development of magnetic nanoparticles to breakthrough the blood-brain barrier

2013/14-2014/15 • $220,334
Effective treatment of brain related disorders requires an adequate distribution of drugs into the brain. For many drugs,penetration into the brain is restricted by the brain capillaries that form what is referred to as the blood-brain barrier (BBB).The current research project will develop...

Nanoconfinement based single-cell cytogenetic platform for pre-/post-implantation genetic diagnosis

2013/14-2014/15 • $219,185
Chromosomal analysis is routinely performed in Canada when there is an elevated risk of chromosomal anomalies (e.g. inthe prenatal period due to maternal age, family history of a chromosomal rearrangement). In particular, pre-implantationgenetic diagnosis (PGD) is performed on 8-cell stage...

Developing an electrochemical beacon detection method for pathogen nucleic acid speciation

2013/14-2014/15 • $211,250
Detecting the presence of an infectious disease like tuberculosis is important to stop the infection from spreading to familymembers or others that are in close contact with the patient. The test used in a doctor's office is very simple and inexpensivebut will only detect the incidence of TB...

Multidimensional separation isolation and characterization of circulating tumour cells

2013/14-2014/15 • $209,126
BACKGROUND. If cancer remains localized, it can often be treated, but if it metastasis, it vecome very difficult. Metastasis isthought to occur by so-called circulating tumor cells, or CTCs. These CTCs are emerging as a new element for prognosis ofcancer, as well as for measuring the response to...

Non-invasive probe to assess the quality and suitability for transfusion of stored red blood cells

2013/14-2014/15 • $206,646
Managing the supplies of donated blood products (i.e. plasma, red cells, platelets) is an increasing challenge faced by bloodservice agencies the world over in part because, even under the best known storage conditions, these products steadilydegrade and different products age at different...

DNA cages as a platform for efficient and selective delivery of therapeutics into tumor cells

2013/14-2014/15 • $200,000
General drug cytotoxicity and drug resistance are major hurdles in traditional cancer therapies, stemming from thenonspecificdelivery of cancer therapeutics to normal and cancerous cells simultaneously. We aim to develop a new method fortargeted cancer therapy using non-toxic DNA cages and...

Development of an Antimicrobial Resistance Diversity Index (ARDI) to guide initiatives and investment in public health, antimicrobial stewardship and infection control

2013/14-2014/15 • $199,340
Antimicrobial-resistant germs do not respond to one or more antibiotics. Patients who acquire infections from these germshave longer hospital stays, an increased risk of death, and their care is more expensive. In Canada, the number ofantimicrobial-resistant germs appears to be increasing, but...

EEG-fNIRS monitoring for critically ill patients

2013/14-2014/15 • $189,250
In this proposal we aim to investigate the use of optical imaging and electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor brain functionin the intensive care unit. While each technique independently only partially informs on brain status, we will investigate herethe benefits of combining the monitoring of...

A modular intelligent power wheelchair system to enhance mobility, safety and participation of users

2013/14-2014/15 • $172,072
Power wheelchairs can help people with mobility problems to be independent. But people with physical, sensory andcognitive disabilities have difficulty using power wheelchairs safely and independently. This project will develop an intelligentpower wheelchair system for older adult long term care...

Chitosan-siRNA nanoparticles for gene silencing in Atherosclerosis and Cancer

2013/14-2014/15 • $169,956
A new class of drugs has been under development for the past decade, based on RNA interference, a mechanism of generegulation whose discovery was awarded the Nobel prize in 2006. The drugs are short sequences of RNA, the geneticmaterial that drives protein expression in all cells. It is possible...

Overcoming antibiotic resistance through the inhibition of aminoglycoside phosphotransferases (APH).

2013/14-2014/15 • $169,101
Multidrug resistant microbes have become one of the top global health challenges and place a massive burden on theCanadian health care system. One approach to overcome this problem involves inhibiting the enzymes responsible forconferring resistance to the antibiotic. We have recently discovered...

Clinical evaluation of surface-plasmon resonance and nanoparticle-based fluorescent detection of serum biomarkers

2013/14-2014/15 • $164,031
Our team has developed new technology that will allow the rapid detection of blood-borne disease markers, or allowmonitoring drug concentrations during treatment. Our affordable, portable prototype apparatus is based on optical detection,using recent innovations to increase sensitivity. Our...

Photoacoustic imaging for image guided prostate cancer interventions

2013/14-2014/15 • $162,095
Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most frequently diagnosed malignancy and second leading cancer-related cause of death inNorth American men. Despite advances in ultrasound (US) and magnetic resonance imaging, there is still a need for imagingtechniques which can perform real-time, intra-operative...

Temperature measurement in cortical bone and bone marrow during magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound thermotherapy in a porcine model

2013/14-2014/15 • $152,343
Current localized treatments of benign bone tumours in children suffer from significant side effects including the invasivenessof surgical removal with bone reconstruction, and the associated risk of developing secondary malignancy from high-doseradiation therapy. Magnetic resonance guided...

An Intelligent Needle Adjustment Assistant for Prostate Brachytherapy

2013/14-2014/15 • $147,327
Brachytherapy is a popular treatment for men with early prostate cancer due to its high success rate, minimal side effects,and patient convenience. It involves the insertion of needles loaded with tiny radioactive seeds into the prostate. Once theneedles are fully inserted, they are pulled back...

Irradiation-sterilized skeletal allografts with superior biomechanical performance through collaborative multidisciplinary Translational Research

2013/14-2014/15 • $105,331
Musculoskeletal allografts are pieces of tissue, such as bone or tendon, from an individual who has donated their body tomedicine and this tissue is used in surgeries to repair injuries and problems in orthopaedic patients. In order to reducedisease transmission from the donor to the patient,...

Improved Diagnosis of Leukemia Using Highly Multiplexed Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Nanoparticles

2014/15 • $100,000
Earlier and more detailed detection of disease will help to improve treatment. To diagnose leukemia and monitor itsprogression, it is essential to increase the number of distinct types of cell surface proteins that can be detected on a singlecell, at a high number of cells per second. The health...

Radiometals produced by liquid targets for molecular imaging of cancer

2012/13-2013/14 • $420,079
New breast cancer drugs are increasingly targeted to specific proteins involved in cancer progression, such as the epidermal growth factor receptor (HER2). These new drugs typically benefit only a small proportion of patients, at very high cost to the health care system (over $40,000 per patient...

Development of small molecule viral sensitizers to boost vaccine manufacturing

2012/13-2013/14 • $394,580
Virus-based vaccines are society's most successful pharmaceuticals for the prevention of deadly human diseases. Diseases like smallpox, polio, measles, mumps and rubella have been essentially eliminated from human populations where widespread vaccination programs have been implemented. One...

Bioengineered cell delivery system

2011/12-2013/14 • $344,130
Traumatic spinal cord injury is often described in terms of the primary injury, which results from a mechanicalinsult such as a motor vehicle or sports-related accident, and the secondary injury, which results in a cascade ofevents, resulting in an inhibitory environment. The latter limits...

Rapid detection of MRSA and identification of strain using an autonomous microfluidic chip with bacteriophages

2012/13-2013/14 • $343,000
BACKGROUND: Bacterial infections and in particular nosocomial - hospital-acquired - infections, are agrowing problem in worldwide, especially from bacteria resistant to antibiotics, so called "superbugs". A recentstudy identified that more than 51% of intensive care unit patients are infected,...

Signal analysis of T-wave alternans for predicting sudden cardiac deaths

2012/13-2013/14 • $329,621
T-wave alternans (TWA) refers to the changes in T wave shape or amplitude appearing every second heart beaton a surface electrocardiogram (ECG). The magnitude of TWA signal is very small, in the microvolt range,but some clinical trials have recently suggested that its presence can predict sudden...

Novel antimircrobial and biofilm resistant coatings for urological and blood storage devices

2012/13-2013/14 • $323,546
This research addresses serious challenge in hospital acquired infections: the prevention of bacterial infections associated with urological devices and bacterial growth in blood products for transfusion. Urinary catheters is one of most frequently used medical device in hospitals in North...

Optical mapping of the neonate heart to determine the etiology of Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia

2011/12-2013/14 • $297,150
Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia (JET) is a supraventricular tachycardia that occurs post-operatively after openheart surgery in young children. JET can occur in >20% of patients undergoing correction for specificcongenital heart defects and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality....

A MEMS-based ocular drug delivery device

2012/13-2013/14 • $295,640
Vision impairment often results from diabetes (proliferative diabetic retinopathy), affecting 500,000 Canadians(National Coalition for Vision Health). The annual Canadian health care costs of proliferative diabeticretinopathy are around one hundred million dollars (Statistic Canada). Current...

Rapid in vitro screening of nanomaterial distributions and toxicity

2012/13-2013/14 • $291,545
Develop screening tools for rapid toxicity and biodistribution assessment of nanomaterials. Using our biological models and findings (from first CHRP grant), we will develop devices and protocols to rapidly screen for the toxicity of nanomaterials. Ourcurrent CHRP grant has shown the following:...

Immunoregulatory nanovaccines: Optimization of physical, chemical, pharmacokinetic and immunological properties for bench-to-bedside translation

2011/12-2013/14 • $289,740
The current proposal is founded on the discovery of a new paradigm in the treatment of type 1 diabetes (causedby the white blood cells of the immune system) of potential groundbreaking significance. Traditionally,vaccines have been used to expand white blood cells capable of affording protection...

Second generation liver tumour radioembolization with biodegradable monosized Re-188 microspheres

2012/13-2013/14 • $284,364
The Canadian Cancer Society reports that the incidence of primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) ison the rise, with 1,700 cases, and 700 associated deaths in 2010. In addition, secondary liver cancer, with themost common form being metastatic colorectal carcinoma, is also on the rise...

Muscle rehabilitation of cerebral palsy patients receiving botulinum toxin type-A (Botox) treatments

2011/12-2013/14 • $281,363
Background: Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an umbrella term designating a group of non-progressive neurologicaldisorders. One common treatment in CP is chemical denervation of spastic muscles using botulinum toxintype-A (BTXA). However, in pilot work we demonstrated that BTXA injections cause atrophy,...

Microfluidic platforms coupled to mass spectrometry for the quantitative analysis of circulating convertases and substrates

2012/13-2013/14 • $275,000
Proprotein convertases (PCs) and their substrates are important players in many human diseases includingcardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, mental health, cancer/metastasis and viral infections.Some convertases (PCSK9) and PC-substrates are secreted in circulation and have local...

Assessing neonatal brain fuction wit fMRI

2012/13-2013/14 • $272,570
Brain injury before or during birth can lead to cognitive and behavioural deficits that have long-term implications. If care is to be provided when it is most effective, these deficits must be detected early. Neonates, however, have a limited range of neurobehavioural responses and current tests...

Realistic lung deposition models and measurements (REALiSM^2)

2012/13-2013/14 • $272,275
Aerosol particles may have either positive or negative effects on human health. On the positive side,pharmaceutical aerosols are specifically designed to deliver drugs to the lung, while on the negative side, someparticles in the atmosphere or the workplace have been shown to have a toxic...

Simultaneous optical imaging of oxygenation and blood flow for chronic monitoring of stroke and seizure activity

2012/13-2013/14 • $270,000
Patients surviving ischemic stroke often express delayed epileptic syndromes. Late poststroke seizures occur after a latency period lasting from several months to years after the insult. These seizures might result from ischemia-induced neuronal death and associated morphological and...

Non-linear multimodal mircoendoscopy for lung cancer pathology

2012/13-2013/14 • $265,500
Lung cancer is the leading cause (~28%) of cancer-related deaths. This proposal addresses two major challenges in the management of individuals at high-risk for lung cancer: A) differential diagnosis of peripheral lung lesions, and B) detection of dysplastic lesions in the central bronchus....

ARRT: Adaptive and Robust Radiation Therapy treatment planning for lung cancer

2011/12-2013/14 • $263,123
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Canada and worldwide. Improving current methods of treatment is paramount to increasing survival and reducing the rising costs of managing this disease. Radiation therapy is a core technology used to treat lung cancer. Radiation is delivered to...

Model-based prediction of mastication and swallowing outcomes for head and neck surgery

2012/13-2013/14 • $255,500
Three-dimensional computer modeling of anatomical structures is an indispensable tool for surgical planning. An outstanding example is reconstruction of the jaws that is a complex geometric surgery. The microvascular fibular free flap is the workhorse for jaw reconstruction and is...

Microfluidic enrichment of circulating tumor cells

2011/12-2013/14 • $253,982
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are malignant cells shed by a primary tumor. They circulate in the bloodstreamand have the potential to establish metastases in anatomically distant tissues. The capture and enumeration ofCTCs has gathered considerable attention because of the potential to use the...

Detection and simulation of femoroacetabular impingement

2011/12-2013/14 • $253,650
Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip is the main reason that total hip arthroplasty is required. In the past decade, agrowing body of literature suggests that up to 80% of adult idiopathic hip OA cases are caused by a conditionknown as femoracetabular impingement (FAI). FAI occurs as a result of...

Practical implementation of real-time low-dose x-ray imaging

2012/13-2013/14 • $249,000
The role of real-time x-ray fluoroscopic imaging is expanding and important for diagnostic, evaluation and image guided interventional applications. In 2010, it is estimated that there were over 3 million cardiac catheterization procedures performed in North America using x-ray fluoroscopy. One...

Development and potential mechanisms in bifunctional lanthanide compound enhancement of deteriorating bone structures

2011/12-2013/14 • $245,410
Bisphosphonates are a class of drugs used to treat metabolic bone disorders such as hypercalcemia, Paget'sdisease and, in oral form, for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Due to their poor lipophilicity andpolarity they possess very low bioavailability, typically less than 1%. Two...

Novel Diagnostic Methods for Imaging Amyloid Beta in the eye in association with alzheimer's disease

2012/13-2013/14 • $245,026
There is no cure and no early detection method broadly available for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Definite diagnosis is only after death. AD has a large negative impact on individual health and an enormous cost to society. Early diagnosis and improved disease tracking lead to earlier and better...

High-throughput sperm motility assay and automated selection for clinical in vitro fertilization

2011/12-2013/14 • $244,500
This proposal describes the development and application of a high-throughput sperm physiological motilitymeasurement to: (1) quantify the correlation between sperm motility and DNA integrity; (2) correlate thetendency of sperm to swim near vessel walls with sperm viability; and (3) apply these...

An interdisciplinary approach towards the development of a disease-stabilizing treatment for Alzheimer's disease

2012/13-2013/14 • $242,000
The aim of this research is to develop small drug-like molecules that concomitantly prevent the aberrantmisfolding and aggregation of amyloid beta, tau and alpha-synuclein - three amyloid peptides implicated in thepathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). With a Canadian-based biotechnology...

Patient-specific cartilage implants: development and surgical implantation

2012/13-2013/14 • $239,229
Damage to articular cartilage by arthritis or injury causes significant morbidity as the tissue has little potential for repair. One approach to resurface the damaged area with engineered cartilage. However, as only a limited number of cells can be extracted from a patient, the approach is...

Thérapie tissulaire de la cornée: utilisation d'un élastomère thermoplastique pour la bioingénierie du stroma cornéen

2012/13-2013/14 • $239,211
La cornée est le tissu transparent qui forme le devant de l'oeil. Son architecture particulière fait en sorte quetout changement dans sa structure résulte en une perte de vision. Plus de 50 000 greffes de cornées sonteffectuées chaque année en Amérique du Nord pour traiter la cécité. La...

Development of a protocol for the renewal of housing to improve the health of First Nations residents

2011/12-2013/14 • $237,525
Extreme weather and social conditions create many challenges that affect the conditions of homes and thehealth of their inhabitants. First Nations housing has been characterized as "substandard", "Third World","inadequate", "unsuitable", "overcrowded", "mouldy", "unhealthy", "in need of major...

Effective estimation of second cancer risks and resultant possible improvements of treatment protocols

2011/12-2013/14 • $234,410
It is estimated that 3.5% of the population are cancer survivors, a prevalence that has tripled in North Americasince 1971. For many patients cured of their initial cancer, their treatment can give rise to significant delayedmorbidity, and those originally diagnosed at young ages have a...

Development of SPARC mimetic peptides for targeting peritoneal metastasis of epithelial ovarian cancer

2011/12-2013/14 • $230,548
Approximately 2500 women in Canada are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year and about 1700 of thesewomen die of their disease. This high mortality rate is due to a lack of early detection and to the developmentof chemotherapy-resistant disease. Since most women present with advanced disease,...

Implantable telemetric devices for electrophysiological and behavioural research using rodent disease models

2011/12-2013/14 • $226,500
Mice and rats are the workhorses of basic biomedical research. Numerous disease models have been created inmice by modification of specific genes that when disrupted lead to symptoms similar to those seen in humans.Mice are small, which is advantageous for housing and breeding, but presents...

Analyses de polyphénols issus d'écorces d'essences canadiennes pour le traitement du psoriasis

2011/12-2013/14 • $225,750
Le psoriasis est une maladie de la peau pour laquelle aucun traitement curatif n'est encore connu. Cette dernièreest caractérisée par une différenciation épidermique anormale et de l'inflammation. Compte tenu des effetssecondaires des traitements conventionnels, on estime que 51% des patients...

Reconciling the promotion of active transportation and personal exposure to traffic-related air pollution in Canadian urban areas

2012/13-2013/14 • $225,623
Traffic-related air pollution has a large impact on the health of urban populations. There is sufficient data to conclude that chronic exposure to ambient air pollution is associated with the incidence and mortality from cardiovascular disease, especially ischemic heart disease, and from lung...

Pulsatile displacement of the lamina cribrosa in the pathogenesis of glaucoma: development of a novel device and preliminary clinical testing

2011/12-2013/14 • $222,157
CONTEXT: The pathogenesis of open angle glaucoma is poorly understood. While intraocular pressure (IOP)is confirmed as a major factor, ocular blood flow and the elasticity of the sclera and lamina cribrosa may play arole. We propose a new theory uniting these three factors. We propose that the...

Developing technologies to assess long-term exposures of the Canadian population to air pollution: research leading to knowledge-transfer to reduce health effects

2011/12-2013/14 • $221,419
Epidemiological studies that juxtapose high quality information on health with that of exposures to ambient airpollutants have shown that air pollution adversely affects human health. It is now clear that there are healthimpairments at very low levels of air pollution. An improved understanding...

Microfluidic high-throughput screening device for C. elegans movement based assays

2011/12-2013/14 • $220,250
C. elegans is one of the most widely studied organisms that is of great importance in the study of molecularmechanisms underlying numerous biological and disease processes. Because C. elegans carries more than halfof human disease genes and utilizes many of the same mechanisms, the findings in...

Optimization of novel dual action prodrugs for treatment of osteoporosis

2012/13-2013/14 • $219,500
While bone loss in osteoporosis is well treated today, therapy is usually initiated only after considerable bone loss has occurred. Therefore, there is an important medical need for agents that are effective at restoring lost bone to normal levels. Bisphosphonate compounds, for example,...

The development of single cell microfluidic technologies for analysis of microRNA expression and epigenetic state with application to hematopoietic stem cells

2012/13-2013/14 • $218,383
This project will create new and robust technology to assess the transcriptional heterogeneity of single cells at a genomic level. The prototype example to be used as a test case is the stem cell of the hematopoietic system where compelling evidence now indicates that different fate decisions...

CP Cycle to Fun

2012/13-2013/14 • $217,989
As children with cerebral palsy (CP) become teenagers, they experience a cycle of deconditioning resulting in a deterioration in physical function. Children who have CP and are walking with a mobility aid often need to transition to using a wheelchair as they become adolescents. There are many...

A high-efficiency ultrasonic power link for implantable medical devices

2012/13-2013/14 • $216,881
We propose to develop a high-efficiency transcutaneous ultrasound link to provide power to implanted hearing devices. This requires a cohesive combination of engineering expertise to develop new technology, and clinical/physiological expertise to realise its potential in terms of new surgical...

The Phone Oximeter: A simple, mobile device for respiratory disease management in the community

2011/12-2013/14 • $216,408
Respiratory disease is a major health problem in Canada. Over 3 million Canadians have to cope with seriousrespiratory conditions. Effective diagnosis and monitoring requires ready access to clinical expertise andtechnologies that can assess lung function accurately. The capability of pulse...

Specific and cell-permeable molecular probes of calpain function

2011/12-2013/14 • $216,000
The Calpain family of Ca2+-dependent proteases is involved in many physiological functions. Calpain dysfunction is implicated in many diseases. The greatest impact of Calpain proteases lies in their involvement in stroke, the third leading cause of death in Canada (source: Heart and Stroke...

Novel technologies for cognitive repair

2011/12-2013/14 • $212,735
The Problem: Neurological disease such as stroke, Parkinson's disease and even neurological changesunderlying normal aging are commonly associated with cognitive impairments (problems with attention,memory and thinking) that are difficult to treat and result in chronic disability, dependence on...

High-throughput screening of cell contraction for applications in regenerative medicine and drug testing

2012/13-2013/14 • $212,485
We will develop and test a novel method to quantify the contractile activity of cultured cells that will be established as a high throughput screening (HTS) format for industrial applications. HTS quantification of cell contraction is a pivotal yet not available functional test with important...

Novel daptomycin-derived lipopeptide antibiotics for overcoming resistance in gram-positive bacteria

2011/12-2013/14 • $210,015
The acquisition of bacterial resistance to conventional antibiotics represents a major threat to human health.Daptomycin (DAP) is a cyclic lipopeptide antibiotic (LPA) that kills bacteria through membrane damage. It isused to treat a broad range of infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria,...

Fully implantable wireless multi-electrode ECoG monitoring system

2012/13-2013/14 • $210,000
Approximately 50 million people worldwide are epileptic. Epilepsy is the third most common neurological disorder, and ranks second in terms of costs to society. Approximately 15% of epilepsy patients undergo surgical resection of the source of the seizures in the brain. Preoperative assessments...

Stem cell counting: Development and application

2012/13-2013/14 • $209,496
The stem cells of the blood-forming system (hematopoietic stem cells, HSCs) are rare, comprising only 1 in every 20,000 bone marrow cells. Because they are the only cell in marrow with the capacity to sustain blood cell production throughout adult life, they play a central role in many blood...

Real time guidance surgical navigation system for scaphoid fracture fixation

2012/13-2013/14 • $209,350
Of the more than 300,000 wrist fractures that occur in North America each year, 90% include fracture of the scaphoid, a cashew-shaped small bone. The conventional treatment comprises immobilizing the wrist in a cast for several weeks, until union is detectable on X-ray images. Complications,...

Risk factors and optimization model for breast cancer screening

2011/12-2013/14 • $205,819
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian women. One in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, and of these, one in 28 will die. Although the causes have not yet been completely identified, a woman can minimize the chances of developing breast cancer and...

Preventing postural hypotension, syncope and falls with smart materials and monitoring

2012/13-2013/14 • $205,530
Disorders associated with excessive swelling of the legs are common. This swelling can be associated with pain, the production of varicose veins, reduced blood pressure (hypotension) when standing and cause light-headedness, fainting and falls. These events can significantly affect quality of...

Surface-oriented antibody capture of endothelial progenitor cells for the reduction of post-stent restenosis

2012/13-2013/14 • $203,674
Atherosclerosis involves the deposition of plaque on the interior walls of arterial vessels and results in thenarrowing or stenosis of arteries. Although successful, often-used angioplasty suffers from non-uniform arterialwidening and restenosis due to post-surgical recoil of the artery. To...

Using the zebrafish as a pre-clinical animal tumour model for drug discovery and the evaluation of anti-leukemia agents

2012/13-2013/14 • $199,999
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) is a high risk subtype of the most common leukemia affecting children. Although intensive chemotherapy treatments have improved survival in this disease, a significant number of patients do not respond to therapy or relapse. For these patients, a...

Discovery of biomarkers of alzheimer's disease using comprehensive and quantitative metabolomics

2012/13-2013/14 • $198,500
Currently 1 out of 11 Canadians suffers from some form of dementia. Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the leading form of dementia. An AD diagnosis can only be made through a lengthy and expensive process involving in the systematic elimination of other possible causes of cognitive impairment. While...

Engineering low-cost nanotechnology based molecular diagnostics using paper

2011/12-2013/14 • $198,203
Emerging infectious diseases continue to pose threats to hospitalized patients, individuals made vulnerable by immune compromise, and residents of long-term care facilities, as well as otherwise healthy community residents. The dynamic nature of microbial populations necessitates a nimble,...

Co-Registered Autofluorescence and OCT Imaging of the Airways

2011/12-2013/14 • $197,637
Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death world-wide. More than 1.3 million people die annuallyand the 5-year survival rates have improved only marginally in the last three decades. We propose to combineautofluorescence imaging and optical coherence tomography (OCT) to manage this...

A novel platform for minimally invasive tumor localization and treatment

2011/12-2013/14 • $193,663
Lung cancer remains the most common cancer and the most common cause of death from cancer in NorthAmerica. Secondary effects of treating cancer may be mitigated through a minimally invasive approach. Whilepromising, all minimally invasive surgery and therapy (MIST) methods suffer from the same...

Antibody-nanoparticle conjugates as molecular imaging agents for solid brain tumour (glioma)

2011/12-2013/14 • $192,279
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) (WHO grade IV) is a highly aggressive tumour with distincthistopathological features including high proliferation, necrosis, and considerable neo-vascularization. GBMremains one of the most devastating cancers and is among the most common solid tumours in...

Interpenetrating network of a well-defined PEG hydrogel and two biocides as advanced solutions for burn wound care

2012/13-2013/14 • $192,009
A burn is a type of injury to the skin caused by fire, heat, electricity, chemicals, radiation or friction. It occurs in all age groups. Burn wound infection remains the leading cause of skin graft failure and one of the leading causes of burn injury related mortality. Dressings impregnated with...

Toward a rational and novel therapy for clostridium difficile infection

2012/13-2013/14 • $186,000
Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection (CDI) is one of the most frequent causes of health care-associatedinfectious diseases in Canada and other industrialized countries, with a mortality rate of approximately 6%. ACanadian study has reported that CDI for in-hospital adult patients is 65...

Advanced real-time 3D imaging, planning and navigation of fracture surgery

2011/12-2013/14 • $185,985
Tremendous advances have occurred in fracture management, due in part to new implants that internally fixate many fractures with minimally invasive techniques. For example, complex femoral fractures are now treated by sophisticated 'locking' nails that require only a few small incisions to...

Biointerface science: proteoglycan 4 (PRG4) with and without hyaluronic acid as a novel ocular surface boundary lubricant & contact lens coating

2012/13-2013/14 • $184,000
Dry eye disease is a major health-care issue and drain on health-care resources worldwide, with symptoms of discomfort, damage to the ocular surface, and a significant reduction in quality of life, with no current therapeutically effective treatments. Cells at the ocular surface, which forms a...

Robotic assisted transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy

2011/12-2013/14 • $180,100
During the acute stage after stroke, 80% of individuals suffer from hemiparesis, while in the long-term morethan 40% have chronically impaired arm function. Many have attempted to define neural mechanisms forstroke recovery in the hope that understanding these processes will improve...

Protecting Canadian health, security, and prosperity through the novel integration of global epidemic surveillance and risk modelling technologies

2013/14 • $161,229
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and globalized, infectious diseases emerging in other parts of the worldpresent growing threats to Canadian health, security, and economic prosperity. To strengthen awareness of global infectiousdisease threats, the Canadian government developed...

Advanced tissue engineering strategies for generating replacement tracheal tissues

2011/12-2013/14 • $160,875
Malignancy, subglottic stenosis, and traumatic injury to the trachea require surgical resection. When short segments are involved, primary re-anastomosis affords excellent results. Longer lesions, however, have no currently acceptable solution. Some patients need permanent tracheostomies or...

Anti-microbial scaffold materials for cutaneous wound healing

2012/13-2013/14 • $143,623
This proposed research is focused on the development of new functional biomaterials for the repair of chronic degradation and infection of skin. Loss of nerves and sensitivity occur in the skin of extremities in chronic type II diabetes, often resulting in epithelial erosion and ulceration. In...

"Laser-adjustable" sutures for glaucoma trabeculectomy surgery

2012/13-2013/14 • $138,214
MEDICAL PROBLEM: Glaucoma, a degenerative disease of the optic nerve, is the leading cause ofirreversible blindness in the world. In Canada alone, over 11,000 glaucoma operations are performed each year.A major limitation of current glaucoma surgery is the inablility to precisely adjust the...

Hydrogel-based microfluidic cell culture system for controlled drug dosage effects

2011/12-2013/14 • $126,809
OBJECTIVE: This project will develop a microfluidic system to culture, characterize, image, and screen cells within a single automated, portable platform, with large potential impact to improve cell-based drug screening. BACKGROUND: The 2-D monolayer-based method of cell culture is well...

Improved membrane permeation assays for drug bioavailability assessment

2012/13-2013/14 • $92,000
Poor intestinal absorption is a major bottleneck in drug discovery as promising new chemical entities often lacksuitable amphiphilic balance required for absorption. No one knows how many acceptable candidates havebeen discarded from the discovery pipeline although their bioavailability could...

Stem Cell Network/Réseau de cellules souches

2010/11-2011/12 • $1,280,000
No summary

Chemical correctors of deltaF508 CFTR trafficking

2010/11-2011/12 • $244,076
No summary

Ultrasound imaging methods for breast cancer diagnosis

2010/11-2011/12 • $230,006
No summary

Nanotoxicology: nanoparticle distribution in embryonic tissues

2010/11-2011/12 • $205,726
No summary

Liquid ventilator for clinical research

2010/11-2011/12 • $169,834
No summary

PET imaging probes for Alzheimer's disease

2010/11-2011/12 • $163,300
No summary

Chitosan-based delivery of siRNA

2010/11-2011/12 • $148,718
No summary

Identification and validation of new therapeutic targets for autoimmune diseases

2010/11-2011/12 • $143,450
Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) affect more than one million Canadians. Most autoimmune diseases are the results of misdirected inflammation. Sadly, while the overall mortality rates in the general population has declined substantially over...

Multicenter, multimodel and multimodal assessment of inflammatory periodontal disease: key steps to commercialization

2010/11-2011/12 • $129,000
Research Objectives: 1) To longitudinally establish differentiating spectral features that distinguish between progressing and stable chronic periodontitis lesions (sensitivity, specificity and robustness) using a recently developed near infrared (NIR) intraoral probe (supported by a previous...

Novel picosecond infrared laser for minimally invasive surgery

2010/11-2011/12 • $120,500
No summary

Intelligent haptic upper-limb stroke rehabilitation

2010/11-2011/12 • $114,300
No summary

Improving diagnosis of atypical modes

2010/11-2011/12 • $111,500
No summary

Guidance system for thoracic epidural anaesthesia

2010/11-2011/12 • $95,250
No summary

Lead optimization of new antibacterials/antimalarials that target ACP synthase

2011/12 • $76,760
This project focuses on producing new antibiotic drugs that are "broad-spectrum" to treat all types of drug-resistant bacterial infections as well as, potentially, tuberculosis and malaria. Drug resistance is a growing problem that has made current antibiotics much less effective than before....

Comprehensive screening for novel epigenetic targets in advanced ovarian cancer by functional epigenomics

2010/11 • $123,000
Ovarian cancer (OC) accounts for 4% of all cancers in women and is the leading cause of death from gynaecologic malignancies. The molecular basis of OC initiation and progression is still poorly understood. To establish novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies against this deadly disease, it...

Production et implantation de substituts du LCA chez le chien

2010/11 • $122,827
La rupture du ligament croisé antérieur (LCA) est un traumatisme fréquent. Le LCA guérit très mal, comparativement aux autres ligaments du genou. Les options de reconstruction ou de remplacement du LCA sont fort limitées et impliquent des problèmes fonctionnels permanents au genou. Il est...

Novel plasma polymerised coatings for vascular implants

2010/11 • $103,838
Les maladies cardiovasculaires constituent l'une des causes les plus importantes de mortalité et morbidité dans les pays industrialisés comme le Canada. Les thérapies vasculaires utilisant des prothèses vasculaires ou plus récemment des endoprothèses vasculaires (communément appelées «...

Engineered advances for clinical applications of gene therapy

2010/11 • $93,837
Blood cell production is a complex multi-step process that originates in a rare subpopulation of self-maintaining stem cells. Significant interruption of blood cell production activates these stem cells and stimulates them to regenerate the system. Most of the blood stem cells normally reside in...

Enhancement of biocompatibility of coronary stents by surface immobilization of fibronectin and controlled tailoring of protein-cell interactions

2010/11 • $92,441
Coronary artery disease, characterized by a progressive narrowing and blocking of blood vessels, is the leading cause of death in developed countries and accounts for about one fifth of the deaths in Canada. Angioplasty, which is an interventional procedure used for reopening blocked arteries...

Microfluidic detection system for profiling multiple cancer biomarkers in serum with ultrahigh sensitivity and specificity

2010/11 • $92,400
In recent years, Canada has invested over a hundred million dollars on proteomics research, and one significant outcome has been the discovery of a number of candidate cancer biomarkers. It has also become clear that early diagnosis of cancer will rely on the detection of not one, but a panel of...

Promotion of cartilage-to-cartilage healing

2010/11 • $86,934
We are developing an innovative technique to treat osteoarthritis, the debilitating condition wherein loss of mobility results from degeneration of the cartilage in th joint. Currently, there are few surgical approaches available for the repair of these focal cartilage lesions. One of the most...

New detectors for positron emission tomography

2010/11 • $83,500
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a powerful diagnostic technique employed in functional medical imaging. Our overall objective is to significantly improve PET imaging to approach its ultimate capability which would provide neuroscientists and oncologists, for example, with superior systems...

Microfluidic technologies for high-throughput monocIonal antibody selection from single cells

2010/11 • $80,090
This project will bring together two research groups with complementary expertise led by Dr. John Schrader, a medically-trained, internationally recognized immunologist, and Dr. Carl Hansen a physicist and engineer who is a leader in innovation in the new science of microfluidics. Together these...

Localizing light in the eye for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

2010/11 • $78,845
The retina of the eye contains light sensitive cells, neurons and blood vessels. Recent adaptive optics technology to correct for the optical effects of eye tissue on light now enables light to be precisely focused onto these structures of the retina at the rear of the eye. As a result, very...

Integration of bio-physiological information with a point-of-care decision support system for safer patient care

2010/11 • $78,300
There is increasing concern to provide ways to support older adults who want to live independently in their homes as they age. Many home care clients are elderly and live alone with only a few visits a week from healthcare providers. As a result, both clients and health providers feel isolated...

Fabrication of dispersed drug nanocrystals by femtosecond laser ablation in water

2010/11 • $72,045
The clinical use of many potent drugs is often being compromised by their low water solubility. While it is reported that about 10% of the drugs currently under investigation present solubility-related bioavailability problems, 40% of the newly discovered drugs are expected to be poorly...

Performance management at the point of care: secure data delivery to drive clinical decision making processes for hospital quality control

2010/11 • $70,000
Many Canadian hospitals are developing data warehouses (DW) that integrate clinical and administrative data with multiple sources to support decision makers and researchers in improving the effectiveness of health services. Decision support systems (DSS) can be used to monitor hospital processes...

Regenerative therapy for the intervertebral disc

2010/11 • $69,493
Intervertebral disc-related low back pain is one of the most significant orthopaedic disorders in industrialized society, costing the U.S. economy some $50-100 billion annually, with comparable per capita costs to the Canadian economy. Despite the economic burden of intervertebral disc (IVD)...

Novel CO2 adsorbents for anaesthesia delivery apparatus

2010/11 • $68,000
Closed circuit anesthesia delivery systems are a common sight in any operating room nowadays. These devices make possible the reuse of expensive anesthetics by the recirculation of breathing gases after the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled by the patient. The technology currently used for...

Development of GLP-1 receptor probes for imaging changes in beta cell mass

2010/11 • $66,640
Can we detect changes in beta cell mass in vivo? The answer to the question is comprised of three steps: 1) identifying a suitable probe that can selectively target the beta cell; 2) engineering the probe to carry an imaging isotope or contrast agent; and 3) selecting an imaging modality that...

Pulmonary delivery of surfactant for treatment of lung diseases

2010/11 • $66,060
Exogenous surfactant therapy is successfully used to treat neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS) and may also be beneficial in the treatment of adult lung diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and asthma. However, results of clinical trials in the latter setting...

New molecular magnetic resonance imaging (mMRI) contrast agents for imaging of Cathepsin B

2010/11 • $65,750
Cathepsin B (CatB), a cysteine protease, is known to be associated with numerous pathological conditions of the central nervous system (CNS), including brain tumours (e.g. gliomas) and Alzheimer's disease (AD). In gliomas, CatB plays a major role in tumour invasion through degradation of the...

Nanosystems in transplantation: blood group antigens as immunologic tolerogens for infant heart transplantation

2010/11 • $65,614
Nanosystems in Transplantation: Blood group antigens as immunologic tolerogens for infant heart transplantation In heart transplantation, blood group matching between donor and recipient is necessary to prevent a rapid form of rejection called 'hyperacute' rejection, which results in loss of the...

A spectrochemical imaging system for rapid and nondisruptive screening for pluripotency and differentiation in cultures of embryonic stem cells

2010/11 • $61,107
Embryonic stem cells (ESC) offer tremendous potential for addressing a host of important biomedical problems, both in clinical and laboratory settings. This potential has generated extraordinary excitement over the use of these cells to devise novel cellular therapies for many currently...

Pain relief: receptor dynamics at the single molecule level

2010/11 • $60,500
Chronic pain is no longer considered solely a symptom, but for complex and poorly understood reasons, is often self perpetuating and becomes like a disease unto itself. Among many therapeutic approaches to pain management, analgesic drug therapy continues to play a central role. Pure opioid...

Neuroimaging measures of brain function in preterm neonates

2010/11 • $59,724
Premature births are common in Canada with about 1 in every 20 births requiring a protracted stay in intensive care. Modern technology and improvements in care have resulted in excellent survival rates but medical staff who care for premature infants and parents remain very concerned that at...

In vitro characterization of human brain tumor "stem" cells: A lineage centric approach to phenotype characterization using multi-generation live cell imaging and tracking

2010/11 • $59,050
The goal of this collaborative project is the development of novel and potentially high impact methods for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy planning in cancer - the end user of our research outcomes will be the clinical oncologist. We will achieve this goal by synergistically combining two...

Closed-loop control of anesthesia

2010/11 • $54,650
Computer controlled, or automatic, drug delivery is the process of administering a therapeutic regime to a patient with computer assistance for calculation of optimal dose and delivery schedules. Computer control can improve drug therapy by reducing drug usage and costs, by permitting health...

Development of a fiber optic-based exoscope for the in-vivo study of spinal cord disorders

2010/11 • $54,250
Disorders of the spinal cord are devastating conditions leaving patients with severe lifelong disabilities. It is estimated that ~13,000 individuals suffer paralysis from spinal injuries yearly in North America alone with limited treatment options. Multiple sclerosis is a progressive autoimmune...

An optimal planning strategy for robot-assisted minimally invasive cardiac surgery

2010/11 • $53,182
Although efforts are being made to prevent heart disease, it continues to be one of the leading causes of death around the world. To address the high cost and high morbidity rates, scientists have been studying ways of reducing the invasiveness of heart surgeries by minimizing incision size and...

Development of a novel technology for in-vitro assessment of exposure to fine and ultrafine particulate matter

2010/11 • $51,061
Air pollution has a major impact on the health of Canadians that, in Ontario alone, costs an estimated at $8 billion dollars annually. Particulate matter has been implicated as one of the major air pollutants causing this illness. However, very little is actually known about which chemical or...

Medical imaging of knee kinematics after joint replacement

2010/11 • $40,275
The primary reason for someone to get a knee replacement is to reduce his or her pain due to arthritis. Unfortunately, some people still have considerable pain after the surgery, often in the region of the kneecap (called anterior knee pain). Frequently this pain is attributed to incorrect...

Development of a sensitive noninvasive biothermophotonic device for blood glucose monitoring in diabetic patients

2010/11 • $38,450
Diabetes mellitus afflicts a large and growing number of people worldwide - over 2 million in Canada alone costing the health care system over $13.2 billion/year. To manage this condition, and to reduce the risk of severe long term health complications, patients check blood sugar levels up to...

Synchrotron microanalysis of gallium as a potential therapy for antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections

2010/11 • $35,994
Urinary tract infections are among the most common bacterial diseases of humans and animals. Most of these infections are caused by uropathogenic strains of the bacteria Escherichia coli. Over half of all women and approximately 10% of men experience at least one bladder infection, the most...

Novel tool to evaluate integrative somatosensory processing in people with central neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury spinal cord injury

2010/11 • $35,152
Central neuropathic pain (CNP) is a devastating, unrelenting pain that can occur after a disease or injury to the central nervous system such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, or spinal cord injury (SCI). CNP adversely impacts the quality of life of individuals with SCI. There are no successful...

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