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Green software-defined platform for smart city big data applications

2017/18-2019/20 • $900,000
By 2050, over 70% of the world's population will live in cities that occupy only 2% of the world's land mass and consume 75% of its resources, leading to challenges on how to maintain economic advancement, environmental sustainability, and social resiliency. Smart city technologies (cloud...

Automated monitoring and debugging of large scale manycore heterogeneous systems

2017/18-2019/20 • $634,850
The communication and computing infrastructure has evolved through the years, getting more efficient, sophisticated, integrated and networked. Newer mobile devices (including smart robots or autonomous cars) and servers often contain 8 or more cores in their central processing unit. These...

NSERC/Ericsson Industrial Research Chair: Model Based Software Management

2016/17-2019/20 • $450,000
Cloud computing is a computing paradigm that enables pervasive access to computing resources through the internet. Cloud providers deliver computing infrastructure as service or software as a service to tenants who pay as per use and do not need heavy upfront investments on hardware and...

Machine experience in an IoT/smart-city environment

2018/19-2019/20 • $224,816
The current telecommunication infrastructure is designed for human activities and human applications such as voice calls, video streaming and web browsing. With the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the deployment of smart-cities, a large number of machines will be in charge of a...

Machine Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for 5G Networks and Beyond

2019/20 • $220,000
5G, the next generation mobile network, is anticipated to transform modern societies by providing an ultra-reliable, high-speed communications infrastructure that will connect more than 30 billion devices by 2020. As the complexity of such future networks will be unprecedented compared to...

Smart Virtualized Platform for Cloud Management Systems

2019/20 • $162,000
In this strategic project, we plan to investigate a novel design of a comprehensive framework for smart cloud management that offers carrier-grade quality guarantees. The main idea is to innovatively utilize different optimization frameworks to address on-demand elasticity of the virtualized...

NSERC/Ericsson Industrial Research Chair in Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization Security: Compliance-Driven Monitoring, Detection, and Mitigation

2019/20 • $125,000
Anonymization,Cloud computing security,Cloud security,Network security,NFV security,SDN security,Security auditing,Security compliance,Security metrics,Security monitoring

Edge computing for content delivery networks

2018/19-2019/20 • $86,956
Edge computing enables data processing at the edge of the network. It encompasses 3 main concepts: cloudlets, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and fog computing. Cloudlets are resource rich-servers or clusters of servers located in single hop proximity of mobile devices. MEC provides cloud...

Design of massive distributed antenna systems in 5G networks

2017/18-2019/20 • $71,000
Mobile networks are currently in an era of unprecedented traffic growth and consumer interest. Globally, mobile data traffic grew 74% in 2015 to 3.7 exabytes per month - and is further expected to grow by a factor of nine to 30.6 exabytes per month in 2020. However, the bandwidth available to...

Real-time Digital Signal Processing Methods and their Implementation for Overcoming Massive MIMO Transmitter Hardware Limitations

2019/20 • $69,853
Worldwide, fifth generation (5G) wireless communication focused research efforts continue to expand, their goal being the development of new reconfigurable networks with ultra-high throughput, ultra-low latency, and ubiquitous connectivity. Interest in the concept of massive multiple-input...

Design and Analysis of Self-Healing Power-Efficient 5G+ Wireless Networks

2019/20 • $52,500
We will investigate system-layer aspects of 5G+ indoor wireless communications architectures to endow them with resilience and automatic self-healing capabilities. Unlike its outdoor counterpart, the indoor wireless propagation environment depends on internal building structures and floor plans....

Advanced Sub-TeraHertz-to-TeraHertz and Free-Space-Optical Wireless Transceivers and Networks for Future IMT-2020/5G Radio Interface Technologies

2019/20 • $50,000
Future fifth generation (5G) cellular networks known by standardization bodies as IMT-2020 will have to accommodate an unprecedented mobile data deluge. Besides, they are expected to support enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine-type communications (mMTC), and ultra-reliable...

Securing elastic radio access networks

2019/20 • $38,369
To meet the surge in demand for connectivity in 5G networks, mobile network operators (MNOs) are finding it difficult to offset the CAPEX/OPEX of traditional Radio Access Networks (RANs). Cloud RANs (C-RANs) are a feasible alternative, offering seemingly infinite resources, centralized operation...

Asynchronous Massive MIMO Base Station Cooperation for 5 G Networks and Beyond

2019/20 • $25,533
Titled as "Asynchronous Massive MIMO Base Station Cooperation for 5 G Networks and Beyond", this research proposal aims to study distributed cooperation schemes among base-stations, which are equipped with a large number of antennas (i.e., to support massive MIMO), to enable simultaneous...

AI Methods for Automated Software Testing

2019/20 • $25,000
In large companies, software codebase is very large and it is changing really fast. The teams spend a lot of time running tests even for very small changes in the code. To find the exact change that caused tests to fall, developers run every test at every change. However, this is very expensive...

High efficiency and broadband fully integrated MMIC power amplifiers using GaN technology for space and terrestrial wireless communication

2016/17-2018/19 • $673,356
Research activities in the last decade have proven that the emerging Gallium Nitride (GaN) high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are the superior technology choice for future designs of the power amplifier (PA), which is one the most challenging to design components in a wireless...

Next generation optical transmission systems and technologies for the data center Centric Internet

2016/17-2018/19 • $480,000
Global IP traffic continues to grow. A significant portion of future growth will come via mobile platforms, namely smart phones and tablets. Applications driving requirements for increased capacity include (i) video streaming services, (ii) cloud based storage and services, and (iii)...

Innovative agile-antenna solutions for millimeter-wave wireless communications

2016/17-2018/19 • $409,500
Wireless communication systems are experiencing a substantial demand in data rates due to a large number of emerging applications that include mobile communications, data transfer and intelligent transport. This very large data traffic is expected to continue increasing in the next decade. To...

Leading edge: an integrated communication and computation framework for mobile edge computing

2017/18-2018/19 • $342,600
With an explosion of available data and the consequent need for enormous data-processing capabilities in the emerging big data movement and the IoT environment, both communication and computation are paramount to future wireless applications and services. Therefore, future wireless systems are...

Dynamic SLA-based resource management for virtualized network functions

2016/17-2018/19 • $265,928
Multimedia applications and services continue to play a crucial role in daily and business life. They have evolved from predefined to on-demand provisioning. Cloud computing paradigm and different network infrastructures have been identified as promising candidates to support this on-demand...

Auditing and monitoring the security of NFV and SDN-based cloud environments

2017/18-2018/19 • $213,725
The primary objective of the proposed research is to develop a novel and comprehensive solution for automating the security auditing and monitoring of emerging Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)-based cloud networks. New knowledge and technologies that...

Machine Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for 5G Networks and Beyond**

2018/19 • $185,000
5G, the next generation mobile network, is anticipated to transform modern societies by providing an ultra-reliable, high-speed communications infrastructure that will connect more than 30 billion devices by 2020. As the complexity of such future networks will be unprecedented compared to...

Test Effectiveness, Localization, Prioritization, and Risk in Ericssons's Complex Test Environment

2016/17-2018/19 • $177,885
Ericsson develops and supplies equipment, software, and services for global mobile networks. Ericsson in Ottawa develops cellular base stations that are the interface between cell phones and the physical backbone networks. This high reliability environment requires testing on expensive hardware...

Smart Virtualized Platform for Cloud Management Systems**

2018/19 • $162,000
In this strategic project, we plan to investigate a novel design of a comprehensive framework for smart cloud management that offers carrier-grade quality guarantees. The main idea is to innovatively utilize different optimization frameworks to address on-demand elasticity of the virtualized...

Indoor network design optimization for 5G new radio technologies

2018/19 • $120,000
Wireless communication networks have traditionally focused on the high-mobility communication paradigm in which the wireless users occasionally travel at relatively high speeds. However, lately, it has been observed that 80% of today's data is consumed indoors, e.g., at home, work or retail and...

Content delivery networks over dirty slate information centric networks in 5G

2017/18-2018/19 • $86,956
Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are less and less able to sustain the constant growth of content we are witnessing nowadays. They are deployed on current Internet architecture and this architecture is becoming a road block to scalability and efficiency in content distribution. Information...

Immersive analytics in virtual reality

2017/18-2018/19 • $80,000
Immersive analytics combines data science, scientific visualization techniques, 3D interfaces, and mixed reality environments to support improved analytical reasoning and decision making when exploring complex datasets. Some examples of customized, high-end, blended reality environments include:...

Multi-tier wireless networking with massive MIMO**

2018/19 • $77,000
With the planned arrival of 5G wireless standardization in year 2020 and further emergence of initial concepts for its evolution toward the next generation, we have witnessed drastic development in wireless services and applications. New technologies and application environments, such as the...

Robust signal processing for asynchronous distributed massive MIMO

2017/18-2018/19 • $71,428
In this NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grant proposal, we propose to study centralized and de-centralized signal processing techniques for asynchronous distributed massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems. Distributed massive MIMO systems are comprise of many base...

Unit test patterns for multicore software

2015/16-2018/19 • $55,000
Many industry, including Ericsson, experience increased cost of the software verification activity and one of the reasons is the ever growing size of the testing activity itself, as manifested by the increased number of test (case) executions. One reason for this ever increasing number of test...

Advanced Signal Processing and Networking Techniques for Cost-Effective Ultra-Dense 5G Networks

2015/16-2017/18 • $462,000
The recent widespread use of smart devices, wireless Internet, and video streaming has led to the dramatic growth of the mobile data traffic, which directly necessitates the development of the 5th Generation (5G) wireless networks. However, spatially distributed channel conditions and fragmented...

Innovative Solutions for Future 5G Ultra High Speed Wireless Networks: the Millimeter Wave Interferometric Approach

2015/16-2017/18 • $431,500
In the just past year, preliminary interest and discussions about a possible 5G standard have captured the attention and imagination of researchers and engineers around the world. Wireless data traffic is projected to increase 10,000 times within the next 20 years. To tackle this incredible...

Sustainable cloud-based M2M smart home

2015/16-2017/18 • $269,576
The Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications paradigm, a novel automated exchange of data among autonomous devices without human intervention, is crucial for the networked society and is shaping the evolution of the future Internet and the Internet of Things - the next step in increasing the...

End-to-end congestion control mechanisms in 5G networks: from device to data center

2016/17-2017/18 • $174,344
Data centers are typically built on Ethernet networks to benefit from low cost of Ethernet devices. However, Ethernet suffers from crucial traffic engineering capability shortage in terms of data packet loss and latency while consolidating servers in dense data centers needs careful resource...

Green-Aware High Availability Provisioning for Cloud Computing Applications

2014/15-2017/18 • $156,336
Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm, which enables an on-demand and scalable provision of computing resources. Cloud computing is increasingly gaining industrial acceptance due to its flexibility, efficiency and its ability to reduce the costs for the Cloud users. Cloud computing...

Architectures and algorithms for next generation content delivery networks

2016/17-2017/18 • $130,956
Traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) are provisioned in a static manner. This makes them less and less able to withstand the rapid and significant content growth (especially video) expected in the years to come. Furthermore their static provisioning is the main roadblock to elastic...

An element-agnostic approach to auto-scaling network elements for telco cloud

2016/17-2017/18 • $88,400
This CRD project is to develop a new, unified approach to auto-scaling the capacity of virtual network elements (VNEs), such as virtual routers and virtual switches, for the telco cloud. The telco cloud refers to cloud resources owned and managed by telecommunication companies. By shifting...

Development of an Automated Image Processing Framework for Segmenting Floor Plans for Optimal Placement of Internet Access Points

2017/18 • $25,000
The objective of this proposal is to develop a software tool consisting of image analysis techniques to automatically convert pixel based digitalized Floor Plans (FPs) into a structured data. Our proposed software will automatically extract the information present into the FPs and represent it...

Stochastic Evaluation of the Behaviour of 5 GHz Radio LAN Devices and the Impact on Future Radio Communication Regulations

2017/18 • $25,000
Current wireless communications of data rely on two competing technologies: Long-Term-Evolution (LTE),which is used in today's cellular networks, and Wi-Fi which is used in home Internet routers. LTE cellularsystems are characterized by dedicated controlled spectrum access leading to...

Partnership for the organization of innovation and new technology - 4POINT0: surf the wave or suffer the tidal wave - organise and understand disruptive innovation to better anticipate technology, economic and social mutations

2017/18 • $20,000
THE CHALLENGE: The fact that Canada's science and technology (S&T) performance is outstanding, while ranking near the bottom of the OECD members in terms of innovation performance, is somewhat of a paradox that is puzzling policy makers and industry decision-makers. The team of the proposed...

Software debugging and monitoring for heterogeneous many-core telecom systems

2014/15-2016/17 • $840,000
The communication and computing infrastructure is rapidly evolving towards mobile clients in different formats (handheld phones, tablets or on-board systems in cars) accessing a large number of servers in the Cloud. The complexity of that infrastructure has been increasing rapidly over the last...

Algorithms, architectures, models, and programming methods for agile high-speed software-defined networking

2014/15-2016/17 • $495,624
Telecom operators are demanding more flexible, scalable and energy efficient products. These challenges cannot be properly addressed with the rigid solutions provided by today's networking equipment. Moreover, we are observing an increased demand for network capacity to allow the simultaneous...

Cloud architectures for a scalable and elastic 3GPP IP multimedia subsystem (IMS)

2014/15-2016/17 • $313,010
The 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a key component of 3G and beyond (3GB) telecommunication networks. It enables a robust delivery of multimedia services over different access technologies and across roaming boundaries. However, it still faces scalability and elasticity as major...

Interference management in multi-tier heterogeneous wireless networks

2014/15-2016/17 • $206,275
With the emerging prevalence of new bandwidth-hungry applications, such as mobile social networking, wireless multimedia, and Internet of Things, the latest-generation wireless service infrastructure is already facing severe resource shortage in its struggle to satisfy the exploding service...

Audit Ready Cloud

2014/15-2016/17 • $182,610
Cloud computing is emerging as a promising IT solution for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, and on-demand accesses to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. However, despite the obvious benefits, widespread adoption of cloud is still being hindered by security and privacy concerns....

Advanced WiFi studies: interference avoidance, indoor localization and cloud based management

2015/16-2016/17 • $79,952
Our reliance on wireless communications/services using the WiFi (IEEE 802.11) standard has been constantly growing during the past decade.The proposed research will perform studies in the following areas that play a key role on the reliability and performance of WiFi networks (with particular...

QoE-aware provisioning in software-defined multimedia content delivery networks

2015/16-2016/17 • $73,526
The main focus of this project is on improving the performance of multimedia content delivery networks (CDN), in particular based on novel functionalities that software-defined networking and network function virtualization brings to such networks. The explosion of broadband access around the...

Quadrature Spatial Modulation for Large-Scale MIMO Systems

2016/17 • $25,000
Massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO), (also known as Large-Scale Antenna Systems), has been proposedto scale up the current state-of-art MIMO by employing a large number of antennas at the base station that cansignificantly improve the network capacity and energy efficiency. Moreover, other...

NSERC Strategic Network: Smart applications on virtual infrastructure

2011/12-2015/16 • $5,250,000
The NSERC Strategic Network SAVI is a partnership of Canadian industry, academia, research and education networks, and high performance computing centres to investigate key elements of future application platforms, and to design a national distributed application platform testbed for creating...

NSERC DIVA: Developing next-generation Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications

2010/11-2015/16 • $5,073,000
Recent technical advances and wide availability of wireless access technologies and inter-vehicle communication systems are expected to culminate in the integration of different wireless networks such as the IEEE 802.11, 3G, WiMax and sensor networks in next generation vehicular networks. A...

Green Sustainable Telco Cloud

2012/13-2015/16 • $947,754
Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by the extremely widespread use of electronic devices and telecommunications services in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry is emerging in Canada and throughout the world. Cloud computing, based on virtualization, has...

High Efficiency and Ultra Linear Broadband and Multiband Power Amplifiers for 4G Wireless Base Stations

2011/12-2015/16 • $714,306
The development of energy-efficient, multi-standard, and multi-protocol wireless radio systems is critical to support the deployment of ubiquitous, cognitive and green wireless networks. To achieve this, it will be necessary to develop novel radio transmitters, specifically radio frequency power...

Cloud in the air: A heterogeneous data communication framework for mobile cloud computing

2013/14-2015/16 • $469,300
The concurrent emergence of two revolutionary technologies, cloud-based computing and smart mobile devices, will inevitably see the rise of a new mobile cloud computing paradigm. On one hand, cloud computing centres, accessible through the Internet, produce shared pools of always-on computing...

Energy-efficient resource provisioning for network-based cloud computing environments

2013/14-2015/16 • $409,140
Cloud computing is an increasingly popular computing paradigm, now proving a necessity for utility computing services. Several providers have cloud computing (CC) solutions available, where a pool of virtualized, dynamically-scalable, computing power, storage, platforms, and most recently...

Next generation cellular WiFi integration

2014/15-2015/16 • $61,600
The ever-growing consumption of data by mobile device users is placing a strain on mobile networks, and as a result, system operators are continually making upgrades to their wireless wide area networks. With the increasing number of WiFi capable mobile devices and WiFi access becoming...

Content Placement Algorithms for Cloud-Based Content Delivery Networks

2015/16 • $25,000
The advent of elastic resource provisioning in cloud-based networks is largely accepted to be a cost effective solution for content delivery network (CDN) providers. Using the new paradigm of CDN, providers can now lease resources (such as storage, computing and/or bandwidth) in the cloud to...

Test Prioritization and Localization at Ericsson

2015/16 • $25,000
Ericsson develops and supplies equipment, software, and services for global mobile networks. Ericsson in Ottawa develops cellular base stations that are the interface between cell phones to the physical backbone networks. This high reliability environment requires testing on expensive hardware...

Energy-efficiency communications for massive MIMO systems

2015/16 • $25,000
The focus of this proposal on devising energy efficient communication scheme for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, also known as very large scale MIMO. Massive MIMO has been recently the center focus of research due to its potential to provide data rate gains in the order of...

Characterizing the properties of higher frequencies for 5G applications

2015/16 • $24,998
The proposed project will study radio propagation in cluttered indoor environments where short range 5G wireless communication links could be implemented at frequencies between 2 and 30 GHz. A selected, real-world, indoor, environment will be modelled using software, and software ray tracing...

Model-based Test Configuration, Deployment, and Execution

2015/16 • $12,500
The proposed project focuses on investigating modeling approaches in order to identify appropriate models, e.g., class diagram, deployment diagram, component diagram, and model-based techniques such as Model-to-Text transformations, which could be used in a tool to support the development of the...

Optical short reach interconnects for next generation communications and computing equipment

2012/13-2014/15 • $519,000
One of the most exciting recent developments in communications and computing is the introduction of Optical Short Reach Interconnects (OSRIs) to increase system connectivity, spurred on by recent advances in Si-photonics. It is now widely recognized that interconnect power and density issues are...

Integrated tracing, profiling and debugging for tuning large heterogeneous clusters

2012/13-2014/15 • $438,000
The communication and computing infrastructure is rapidly evolving towards mobile clients in different formats (handheld phones, tablets or laptop computers) accessing a large number of servers in the cloud. The complexity of that infrastructure has been increasing exponentially over the last...

Inductive and deductive methods for network configuration

2013/14-2014/15 • $184,366
The management of computer networks is an increasingly complex and error-prone task. On the one hand, the equipments that form a network must behave as a group; however, on the other hand, each of these equipments is managed and configured individually. In that context, network operators such as...

Advanced Distributed Algorithms for COMP in LTE networks

2013/14-2014/15 • $50,000
At present, most 4G wireless networks need higher capacity and peak throughput. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is an emerging wireless communication standard, whose goal is to improve bandwidth utilization, and Ericsson Canada is a world leader in this technology. In LTE, the Coordinated Multi-Point...

From sequence diagram test scenario to the statechart model of the tester

2014/15 • $25,000
The project focuses on developing a model transformation method generating a statechart model of the testerfrom a sequence diagram and its prototyping based on the Eclipse Papyrus tool. The results of the project willdemonstrate new possibilities for model transformation and model-based testing...

Smart Cloud Router

2014/15 • $25,000
Telecom operators are demanding more flexible, scalable and energy efficient products. Two trends aresupporting this assertion: The growing demand for cloud based solutions and the rise of Software DefinedNetworking (SDN). Moreover, as a system integrator managing networks for operators,...

Forwarding plane datapaths for network processors

2014/15 • $25,000
It is the goal of this project to propose new datapath architectures for Network Processor forwarding planes. InSoftware Defined Networking, a Network Processor is separated into control and forwarding planes. Controlplane responsibilities include system configuration such as routing table...

Platform design for mobile big data analytics using MapReduce

2014/15 • $24,858
Big data is defined as a dataset that is very difficult to capture, manage, and analyze with the currenttechnology and tools. This is because of its size, rapid growth rate of the data, and an apparent lack of structurein the data. As a result of this complexity, there is a need to study the...

Category partition applied to LTE BB SW Test: A case study

2014/15 • $15,827
A cross-functional team derives black-box tests from functional and non-functional requirements mostlydescribed in plain English. The main problem that test engineers face is that not every possible test vector canpractically be selected and then executed, and that therefore a subset of the...

Fiber-wireless access sensor networks and new communcations paradigms for a future low carbon society of e-mobility and smart microgirds

2011/12-2013/14 • $432,000
Recent work on "green" communication networks focused only on the reduction of their own energyconsumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It is only very recently that research has begun to study the role ofcommunication networks in adopting them also in other relevant sectors to enhance their...

Online surveillance of critical computer systems through advanced host-based detection

2011/12-2013/14 • $390,240
The proposed project focuses on the detection of abnormal behavior in computer hosts. It aims to improvesignificantly the efficiency, accuracy and timeliness of online anomaly detection and the lowering of falsealarm rates by targeting three unprecedented targets. Firstly, more observation...

Multi-mode all-digital transmitters for software defined radio applications

2011/12-2013/14 • $288,000
Advanced wireless communication systems require multi-standard capabilities to be more ubiquitous, mobile, agile, and secure. This calls for the development of software defined radio transceivers. So far, extensive research activities have been carried out to design the RF front-end of such...

Accurate and secure clock synchronization in data packet networks

2012/13-2013/14 • $40,000
This research and development project is being carried out in collaboration with Ericsson Canada, continuing on a successful prior collaboration with both Nortel Networks and Ericsson Canada. Our research collaboration analyzes and models the nature of time synchronization across a large and...

Modeling and performance analysis of new scheduling and admission control algorithms for Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless access networks

2013/14 • $25,000
The goal of the proposed project is to lay the foundations of an enduring industry-academic collaborative relationship through the engagement of the respective teams in a first study of the gains of resource booking based algorithms in the context of the admission control and scheduling of...

Big data analytics on mobile traffic through clustering analysis and machine learning

2013/14 • $25,000
Big data analytics has become increasingly important in practice and in theory. Mobile network infrastructure vendors, such as Ericsson, regularly collect and analyze a huge amount of traffic data from radio access and core networks globally. These data are used for different research and...

Optimizing virtual machine live migration for highly available applications in cloud computing environments

2013/14 • $25,000
Virtualization is the foundation for an agile infrastructure that offers many benefits for cloud computing and Data Centers. It provides flexible migration, applications isolation, high availability and resource allocation and management. It decouples the applications activities from the...

System-level modeling of network processors for software defined networking

2013/14 • $25,000
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is emerging as a new paradigm for manageable and flexible corenetworks. However, given the huge performance power consumption constraints on core networkingequipment, it is important to carefully design the hardware-software ecosystem that will support SDN in...

Service Oriented Resource Management in Network Virtualization Environments

2010/11-2012/13 • $579,000
Network virtualization offers a powerful way to operate multiple networks, each customized to a specific purpose, at the same time over a shared substrate. One of the key challenges facing the research community is how to better utilize all elements in the network infrastructure by means of...

Security and Privacy of User-Generated data for Personalized Cloud Computing Services

2010/11-2012/13 • $482,100
The proposed research addresses the security and privacy of user-generated private data content in the context of personalized cloud computing services. As a global trend as well as a strategic move for Canada's IT infrastructure, the new paradigm of cloud computing has matured from a buzzword...

On the virtualization of the network equipment: NETVIRT

2010/11-2012/13 • $433,894
Network Virtualization is one of the main concepts on which the next generation network will be based. Many research groups in the US, Europe and elsewhere in the world are investing on different aspects of virtualized networks; and many network providers and vendors equipments are very...

Reconfigurable base station transceiver duplexers

2010/11-2012/13 • $120,000
All wireless communications base station transceivers require frequency division duplex (FDD) duplexers to isolate the transmitting band of frequencies from the receiving band. Conventional FDD duplexers consist of multiple high-order bandpass filters, each having multiple high quality poles....

Distributed simulation algorithms for coordinated multi-point operation

2012/13 • $25,000
With increasing demands for higher capacity and peak throughput in 4G wireless networks such as LTE, a number of feature enhancements are being considered to address these demands. Principal among these for LTE-Advanced is the use of Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) operation. This is a highly...

Enabling application high-availability as a service in cloud computing

2012/13 • $23,500
Critical and revenue generating software applications have stringent requirements in terms of service High Availability (HA). These applications are expected to continue providing their services even in case of failures. For instance, every minute of the failure of a telephone billing software...

Distributed energy-aware information infrastructure: A path to robust and sustainable IT

2010/11-2011/12 • $472,000
With growing demand and the pervasive deployment of ICT come important new challenges: sustainability of the current infrastructure has become a major issue. The perspective of widespread machine-to-machine communications poses the challenge of potentially trillions of devices flooding limited...

Tracing and Monitoring Tools for Distributed Multi-Core Systems

2010/11-2011/12 • $308,891
The electronic revolution started in the late 1960s has already profoundly impacted our daily lives both at home and in the office. Online electronic services are now intensively used for communications (wired and wireless telephone, text messaging, voice and video over IP), shopping,...

Integrating the capabilities of wireless sensor and actuator networks in the IP Multimedia Subsystem

2010/11-2011/12 • $174,000
Sensors are small devices that can sense, compute and communicate. They can be used in conjunction with actuators that act upon real world objects. They are usually organized into wireless sensors and actuator networks (WSAN). They provide ambient information and act upon the ambient world....

Model Based Framework for the Engineering of Secure Software and Systems

2010/11 • $68,000
In the coming years, information technology will continue to transform the way we think, work, communicate, and learn. The tremendous success of Internet-related technologies (web services, voice over IP, mobile telephony, etc.) coupled with advances both in hardware and software will invigorate...

Services mobiles et intelligents de suivi médical, de télé-vigilance et d'assistance aux personnes atteintes de déficits cognitifs

2010/11 • $38,985
Les personnes atteintes de déficits cognitifs, -Alzheimer, schizophrénie, traumatismes crâniens, etc.- représentent une part non négligeable de la population. Aussi les gouvernements encouragent-ils leur maintien à domicile pour des raisons aussi bien sociales qu'économiques. Toutefois les...

Adaptive network time synchronization

2010/11 • $37,000
This research and development project is being carried out in collaboration with Nortel Networks. The project is to analyze and model the nature of time synchronization across a large and complex network of interconnected computers and wireless base stations. The long term objective is to...

Tracing and monitoring large online server clusters for performance analysis, security and maintenance

2010/11 • $18,410
In recent years, the Internet and cellular networks have become the center of all interactions from text, voice and video applications to shopping, entertainment, information gathering and government services. This is the case both at home and at work within organizations. The underlying...

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