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Catalytic synthesis of specialty chemicals from sustainable resources

2016/17-2019/20 • $372,000
Green synthesis of commodity, specialty, and pharmaceutical chemicals from renewable feedstocks is one of the Grand Challenges of 21st century. The proposed work will develop new catalytic strategies combining the broad spectrum of knowledge from chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials...

Graphene-based end-of-life sensors for fire protective fabrics

2019/20 • $208,500
High performance fibers have been developed over the last fifty years for the manufacture of fire protective clothing. These fibres display high mechanical performance and are resistant to chemicals, fire, and high temperatures. However, the various conditions the materials are exposed to during...

NSERC Industrial Biocatalysis Network

2014/15-2018/19 • $5,150,000
Oil and gas are converted to plastics, chemicals, and other industrial and consumer products through energy-intensive manufacturing processes. These products would be more environmentally sustainable if they were made from renewable resources, such as agricultural and forestry waste, and if they...

Integrating microbial characterization tools into conceptual site models (CSMs) at complex contaminated sites

2018/19 • $275,635
This project is a very close collaboration between hydrogeologists and geochemists at Geosyntec Consultants (Guelph, ON) and technical experts at DuPont on an extensive team effort to better approach the multifaceted remediation of a large complex contaminated site. Remediation of such sites is...

Graphene-based end-of-life sensors for fire protective fabrics******

2018/19 • $189,000
High performance fibers have been developed over the last fifty years for the manufacture of fire protective clothing. These fibres display high mechanical performance and are resistant to chemicals, fire, and high temperatures. However, the various conditions the materials are exposed to during...

Global optimization for nonlinear supply chain management under uncertainty

2015/16-2018/19 • $85,000
Supply chain optimization (SCO) is the optimal coordination of production, inventory, location, and transportation in the supply chain to achieve one or multiple goals for the whole system. The efficiency and quality of SCO decision-making procedure is crucial to the sustainability of a company,...

Enhancing Commercial Agricultural Productivity and Building the Rural Bioeconomy

2012/13-2017/18 • $2,214,861
Lakeland College is a rurally-located public college serving Alberta and Saskatchewan and offering programs to over 8,000 students. The College has developed significant applied research competencies in agriculture, energy and environmental sciences. Lakeland College has a rich history of...

Promoting a sustainable nanotechnology industry by evaluating the environmental risks of nanoparticle release from nano-enhanced materials in the Canadian environment

2015/16-2017/18 • $563,366
Engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), which have at least one dimension in the range of 1-100 nm, are used in the manufacture of industrial and consumer products, to enable or enhance specific functions towards delivery of high performance products. Many ENP-containing products are directly exposed...

Surfactant-induced electrical transport phenomena in non-polar liquids

2014/15-2017/18 • $94,000
The term surfactant (SURFace ACTive AgeNTs) is used to describe a wide group of chemicals which play a crucial role in many important industrial applications but also in our daily life. For example, surfactants are compounds of laundry detergents to "soften" the water and to loosen and...

Remediation of mercury contaminated sediments

2015/16-2016/17 • $304,070
Mercury is a highly toxic element often present at elevated concentrations in sediment, soils and water as a result of industrial and other activities. Under reducing conditions, inorganic mercury can be converted to more toxic methylmercury which bioaccumulates in the food chain. Ingestion of...

Développement de produits biosourcés à base de lignines

2014/15-2016/17 • $224,400
Plusieurs groupes recherchent de nouvelles sources de molécules biophénoliques pour la fabrication de résinesphénoliques performantes, stables et durables. C'est d'ailleurs ce que la compagnie DuPont désire entreprendrecomme projet. Quelques lignines provenant du secteur forestier sont...

Cost-effective and disposable microbatteries for point-of-care-testing and other microfluidic applications

2013/14-2016/17 • $100,000
Microfluidics deals with fluids that are geometrically confined to a micro scale. Microfluidic devices provide a means for healthcare testing at the site of the patient; i.e. the so-called Point-of-Care Testing (POCT). Diagnostics that previously required several steps, highly skilled personnel...

Chaire de recherche industrielle dans les collèges du CRSNG sur les extractibles agroforestiers

2011/12-2015/16 • $769,875
Le programme de la chaire sur les extractibles agroforestiers visera principalement à combler les lacunes relevées dans les différentes études et travaux antérieurs et qui se résument en la faiblesse de connaissances approfondies sur les compositions chimiques et la nécessité de développer des...

Atmospheric remediation via NOX degradation: the development of TiO2 materials for photocatalytic coatings that absorb visible light.

2014/15-2015/16 • $297,296
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a highly versatile material which has being widely applied to self-cleaning surface technologies given its propensity for catalyzing the photodegradation of volatile organic and inorganic pollutants, including major smog contributors such as nitrogen oxides. TiO2,...

Conjugated polymer-elastomer composites for organic electronics

2013/14-2015/16 • $85,500
Our industrial partner E. I. du pont Canada has developed specialty insulating polymer materials over the past 40 years. Many commercial applications of these plastics exist and they possess desirable properties. The goals of this project are to understand how to prepared composites that are...

Fabrication of Nafion-Based Micro-Membranes for Micro-Chemical Systems

2012/13-2015/16 • $60,002
Micro devices have become an essential part of our daily life and are engaged in a multitude of technologies such as smart phones or inkjet printers. A further upcoming micro technology is the so-called Lab-on-Chip (LOC). An ideal LOC is a device that integrates a multitude of chemical and...

Thermodynamics of Ternary Water/Polymer/Solute Systems: Understanding in situ product removal in biobunatol production

2013/14-2015/16 • $58,100
DuPont's Growth Strategy is based on Technology Leadership in 3 areas: Agriculture and Nutrition, Industrial Biosciences, and Advanced Materials. In recognition of relevant expertise at Queen's, DuPont has committed funds and resources for a CRD project that focuses on the latter 2 competencies,...

Improvement of melt strength and crystallization kinetics of biopolyesters by reactive extrusion

2014/15-2015/16 • $52,120
Bioplastics include thermoplastic polymers that are compostable and/or made from renewable resources, such as poly(lactic acid) (PLA), poly-3-(hydroxyalkanoates) (PHAs), and starch-based materials. The production of bioplastics has seen explosive growth driven by environmental concerns, waste...

Mathematical models for polyether production from 1,3-propanediol

2014/15-2015/16 • $48,000
Cerenolr (poly(trimethylene ether) glycol, PO3G) is a type of renewably-sourced polyether that has been commercialized by DuPont. This polymer is used in cosmetics, breathable membranes, biodegradable lubricants, architectural coatings, adhesives and elastomeric fibres. It is made by...

Measurement and modeling of vinyl acetate polymerization kinetics to support new process development

2014/15-2015/16 • $29,000
DuPont is developing a low temperature (<100 °C), low pressure (<100 bar) water-based miniemulsion process for the production of ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers to replace the high temperature, high pressure (150-300 °C, 1500-3000 bar) technology used currently in industry. DuPont Canada is...

Catalytic conversion of lignin derived monomers to value-added chemicals

2015/16 • $25,000
DuPont is an advanced, science-based company, operating the Kingston Technology Centre in Kingston, ON with more than 110 employees, including 35 Ph.Ds. in chemistry and chemical engineering. This Centre is part of a global network of over 10,000 scientists and engineers that have launched more...

Study of the Effectiveness of the Addition of Aramid Short Fibers in Asphalt Mixes

2015/16 • $25,000
The main objective of this research project is to verify the effectiveness of the addition of Aramid pulp in asphalt mixes to make longer lasting asphalt mixtures. The addition of Aramid pulp or short fibers could provide benefits of durability to bituminous materials and enable Canadian asphalt...

Thuricin 17 and novel plant signals: Mitigating plant stress, optimizing performance

2012/13-2014/15 • $222,333
The green leaves of plants are the source of almost all energy for the terrestrial biosphere. A crop plant growing in the field has a large population of associated microbes, most associated with the roots. In all probability populations of microbes have been associated with terrestrial plants...

Legume recovery in pastures following broadleaf weed control

2011/12-2014/15 • $134,492
Invasive species are a widespread problem in pastures limiting forage production. While herbicides remain effective against weeds, herbicides also remove beneficial legumes known to increase production at minimal cost. Although prompt return of legumes is an important goal, the ability of...

Particle nucleation in non-aqueous dispersions: solventborne particles for automotive coatings

2012/13-2014/15 • $60,000
Non-aqueous dispersions (NADs) are micron and submicron structured polymer particles used for rheology control and to prevent crack propagation in automotive coatings. The materials are a key part of DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) technology platform, and are expected to grow in importance as...

Carbon nanotube-filled thermoplastic composites with improved electrical and mechanical properties

2013/14-2014/15 • $57,000
Composite materials that result from the blending of carbon nanotubes (mechanical strong and electrically conductive materials) with polymers are emerging as value-added products that are expected to make an enormous technological and commercial impact. These composites combine typical polymer...

Evaluation of highly functionalized coupling agents in polyethylene cellulose nanocrystals composites by melt mixing

2014/15 • $25,000
This project aims at evaluating the efficiency of two functional coupling agents (CA) produced by Dupont toenhance the adhesion between polyethylene (PE) and nano cellulose crystals (NCC). The two coupling agentswill be tested to obtain polyethylene nano cellulose crystals nano composites.During...

Characterization of Mussel Shells Post-cleaning Using Industrial Protease Enzymes

2014/15 • $18,145
This Engage Project (6 months) presents an opportunity for DuPont Canada to work with Memorial Universityresearchers, who have expertise in ocean-sourced biomass utilization and materials chemistry. MemorialUniversity has a vast array of instrumentation for the characterization of both natural...

Catalyzed reductive coupling of CF3CCl3

2013/14 • $25,000
Metal-catalyzed hydrodechlorination of chlorofluorocarbons (C-Cl + H2 --> C-H + HCl) is a useful reaction for the preparation of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) that find use as refrigerants, blowing agents, and solvents with low ozone depletion potential. Recent work has shown that selected...

Process monitoring and estimation in complex flow systems

2011/12-2012/13 • $45,800
Our energy-intensive society must cope with a number of significant challenges. There is a growing concern on the impact of existing energy management policies on the environment, energy security and economic prosperity. These recent trends are pushing large energy consumers to rethink their...

Novel multi-functional polymer nancomposites: hybrid nanomaterials based on high aspect-ratio metal nanowires mixed with other nanofillers.

2010/11-2011/12 • $256,800
In this program, we will create lightweight multi-functional polymer nanocomposite materials that are suitable to replace metal or highly filled composites for electronics, aerospace, automotive and military applications. These nanocomposites will be based on a hybrid design, i.e. more than one...

Chemical aging of asphalt cement

2010/11-2011/12 • $160,000
Our research objective is to develop an improved chemical aging protocol to better predict the relative field performance of straight and modified asphalt cements. The current rolling thin film oven (RTFO) and pressure aging vessel (PAV) methods fail to create laboratory-aged samples that...

Thuricin 17: A new technologie for improved crop productivity

2010/11-2011/12 • $52,176
Recent research has suggested that bacteria associated with plant roots have the capacity to stimulate plant growth through the use of signal compounds. The production and excretion of lipo-chitooligosaccharides in the legume-rhizobia nitrogen fixing symbiosis is the best characterized of these....

Clothing systems for protection from high pressure steam and condensate

2010/11 • $25,241
Direct exposure to superheated steam or hot saturated environments is a hazard for workers in the energy sector and other heavy industries. Several such incidents have been reported where workers were seriously injured, demonstrating a need for materials designed to protect against such hazards,...

Hydrogen atom transfer in polyolefin graft modification

2010/11 • $5,250
Chemical modification of polymers is practiced widely by Canadian companies to generate value-added specialty mateirals from inexpensive plastic and rubber. This approach to polymer synthesis is not only cost effective, it is often the only means of preparing certain polymer structures. The...

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