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Enhancing dewatering, drying, combustion and utilization of pulp and paper mill biosludge

2017/18-2019/20 • $564,600
Canadian pulp and paper mills generate more than 20 million cubic metres of raw biosludge per year. Biosludge is generated during biological wastewater treatment and consists to >98% of water with the remainder being bacteria and tree residues. Energy intensive dewatering can decrease the water...

ERMP Phase 3: Understanding Energy Reduction and Developing Higher-Value Markets for Mechanical Pulps

2019/20 • $138,741
This proposal builds up on two previous $3M, 5-year NSERC CRDs which UBC has continuously hosted by UBC over the past 10 years focusing on mechanical pulping. In the previous phases of this program, our research emphasized energy reduction. In this round, our goals have expanded into a...

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