Process and microorganism for synthesis of adipic acid from carboxylic acids

  • University of Toronto
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Jennifer Fraser
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A method for biosynthesis of polymer precursors, including, adipic acid, 1,6-hexanediol, 6-hydroxyhexanoic and 6-aminocaproic acids from carboxylic acids is provided. A method for biosynthesis of adipic acid from six-carbon dicarboxylic acids having a, [beta]-enoate reductase activity by treatment with an enzyme is provided. The biocatalytic conversion of aliphatic and hydroxycarboxylic acids to corresponding aldehydes, alcohols, and amines using novel carboxylate reductases, aldehyde reductases, and aminotransferases is described. Also provided are genetically engineered microorganisms for use in the biosynthetic processes.