COGNIT.CA Website Terms of Use

    User Agreement

  1. Every person who accesses the COGNIT.CA website and related products or services (e.g., R&D Hubs, e-mail alerts) (every “User” and “COGNIT.CA website” respectively) consents to these terms of use, which the U15 may amend from time to time.
  2. Reproduction and Copyright

  3. The U15 reserves all intellectual property rights pertaining to COGNIT.CA, including the COGNIT.CA website's graphic, navigation and search tool design and enhancements to third-party data.
  4. Subject to the following paragraph and the conditions below pertaining to prohibited use, data and reports made available through the COGNIT.CA website, can be copied, printed and used by Users free of charge and without any other authorization from the U15, provided that COGNIT.CA is identified as the source.
  5. Nothing in these terms provides Users any rights to use third-party intellectual property that may be incorporated into COGNIT.CA (e.g. open source software, logos, content provided by other users).
  6. Prohibited Uses

  7. Notwithstanding the rights granted in these terms, the following uses of COGNIT.CA's website are prohibited unless prior written consent has been given by the U15:
    1. incorporating published data, reports or other content into another website but masking their origin or source through framing, re-use of search processes, or any other means that creates confusion and/or misrepresents the fact that the content came from the COGNIT.CA website;
    2. external indexing of published content by web robots when such use is not authorized by the instructions in the robots exclusion file at https://COGNIT.CA/robots.txt or in a META tag in the HTML code of a COGNIT.CA published document;
    3. using the COGNIT.CA “contact institution” form for any purpose other than to message an institution about its research-related activity; and
    4. automated extraction of data (i.e. “scraping”), except as enabled through “Export CSV” or similar functionality.
  8. The U15 reserves the right to block, at its discretion and without prior notice, any User from accessing its website.
  9. Research Institution Accounts

  10. The use of COGNIT.CA accounts by research institution “account holders” is subject to these terms of use as amended from time to time.
  11. Account holders grant to the U15 a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, revocable license to publish (including the right to reproduce, communicate, distribute, edit, modify, display, make available and otherwise use) contributions to COGNIT.CA and make the same freely available to COGNIT.CA users.
  12. Account holders authorize the U15 to publicly disclose the fact and nature of their participation on COGNIT.CA and to use, for that limited purpose, their logos, trademark and other similar identifying emblem or symbol in the context of such disclosure, including for marketing purposes.
  13. This license authorizes but does not oblige the U15 to publish and use any or all of contributions made by account holders to COGNIT.CA, and the U15 reserves the right to remove any content from COGNIT.CA in its discretion.
  14. Account holders represent and warrant that they possess all necessary rights to publish and provide the U15 a license (as described above) to the content they contribute, and that to the best of their knowledge, their contributed content does not contain any libelous material and does not violate the copyright or other rights of any person or persons.
  15. Account holders agree that they alone shall bear the costs of resolving any third-party infringement or other claims arising out of their contributions to COGNIT.CA and that the U15 shall have no obligation to account holders in respect of such claims whatsoever.
  16. Account holders understand that COGNIT.CA has a “contact institution” function and agree to use COGNIT.CA to solicit research-related inquires.
  17. Any complaints about user supplied content should be sent to the contact information provided below.
  18. Third-Party Content

  19. COGNIT.CA contains contributions from third-parties. Although the U15 determines who may post content, these contributions, including any embedded links that may be contained within, are not screened, moderated, approved, reviewed or endorsed by the U15, and the U15 is not responsible or liable for the content of any member contributions posted to this site.
  20. Disclaimer of Warranty

  21. The U15 puts considerable effort into maintaining its website and constantly improving the quality of the databases and information it publishes. However, The U15 and the COGNIT.CA website partners, including the entities and government agencies who provided data for inclusion in COGNIT.CA, provide no warranty and make no claims as to the reliability, accuracy or integrity of the website's content or functioning.
  22. Disclaimer of Liability

  23. The data reports and other content published on the COGNIT.CA website have been collected and prepared for Users' convenience, and uniquely for informative purposes. Despite the care taken in preparing and maintaining its website, the U15 and its directors, employees, managers and other officers can in no way be held responsible for damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of the COGNIT.CA website or by its non-availability.
  24. Applicable Law

  25. Use of the COGNIT.CA website is governed by the federal and provincial legislation in force in the Province of Ontario, Canada. Any legal action against COGNIT.CA with regards to COGNIT.CA website use shall be brought before the courts of the District of Ottawa in the Province of Ontario.
  26. Official text

  27. This document was originally drafted in English and has been translated into French for the convenience of users. For matters involving the interpretation of any portion of this document, the official text shall be the English version of the document.
  28. Contact Information

  29. Questions about these terms, concerns about copyright infringement and requests for special data extracts should be directed to [email protected]