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Aijun Qiao and 17 others.

Hepatic gluconeogenesis is important for glucose homeostasis and a therapeutic target for type 2 diabetes. Here, the authors show that the RNA-binding adaptor protein Sam68 promotes the expression level of gluconeogenic genes and increases blood glucose levels by stabilizing the transcriptional coactivator CRTC2, while...

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Ulf Büntgen and 39 others.

Tree rings are a crucial archive for Common Era climate reconstructions, but the degree to which methodological decisions influence outcomes is not well known. Here, the authors show how different approaches taken by 15 different groups influence the ensemble temperature reconstruction from the same data.

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Julia K. Goodrich and 130 others.

Penetrance of variants in monogenic disease and clinical utility of common polygenic variation has not been well explored on a large-scale. Here, the authors use exome sequencing data from 77,184 individuals to generate penetrance estimates and assess the utility of polygenic variation in risk prediction of monogenic variants.

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Vincent T. Janmaat and 17 others.

Barrett’s esophagus is a pro-oncogenic lesion in the proximal gastrointestinal tract, but with a distal colon-like morphology. Here the authors report that the distal HOX gene HOXA13 is expressed in Barrett’s esophagus and in single cells of the physiological esophagus, and may underlie the phenotypic aspects of...

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Xue Wang and 19 others.

The electroreduction of CO2 offers a promising approach to produce carbon-neutral methane using renewable electricity. This study shows that the introduction of Au in Cu enables selective methane production from CO2 by regulating *CO availability.

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Ludovica Vanzan and 6 others.

The functional relevance of epigenetic modifications on transcription regulation has been an important question since their discovery. Here, the authors investigate the effect of DNA methylation on Pioneer Transcription Factor (PF) binding and distinguish between PFs that protect their binding sites from methylation and...

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Courtney G. Collins and 36 others.

It is unclear whether climate driven phenological shifts of tundra plants are consistent across the plant growing season. Here the authors analyse data from a network of field warming experiments in Arctic and alpine tundra, finding that warming differentially affects the timing and duration of reproductive and...

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Kristopher Kieft and 10 others.

Some bacteriophage encode auxiliary metabolic genes (AMGs) that impact host metabolism and biogeochemical cycling during infection. Here the authors identify hundreds of AMGs in environmental phage encoding sulfur oxidation genes and use their global distribution to infer phage-mediated biogeochemical impacts.

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Andrew H. Proppe and 12 others.

Many best-performing perovskite photovoltaics use 2D/3D interfaces to improve efficiency and stability, yet the mechanism of interface assembly is unclear. Here, Proppe et al. use in-situ GIWAXS to resolve this transformation, observing progressive dimensional reduction from 3D to 2D perovskites.

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