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L. Cardani and 24 others.

Background radiation has been identified as a key factor limiting the coherence times of superconducting circuits. Here, the authors measure the impact of environmental and cosmic radiation on a superconducting resonator with varying degrees of shielding, including an underground facility.

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Nathanael A. Caveney and 5 others.

Our structural understanding of class A penicillin binding proteins is incomplete due to the difficulty in their crystallization and the complexity of their substrates. Here, authors determine the structure of the 83 kDa class A PBP from Escherichia coli, PBP1b, using cryogenic electron microscopy and a styrene maleic...

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Jun Li and 18 others.

CO2-to-ethylene conversion using renewable electricity provides a sustainable route to produce valuable chemicals. Here, the authors report high ethylene activity of 215 mA cm−2 and selectivity of 65% made possible by silica clusters in copper.

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Tao Gan and 9 others.

Activation of O2 is a critical step in heterogeneous catalytic oxidation. Here, the authors adopt the concept of increased electron donors induced by nitrogen vacancy to develop an efficient strategy for preparing highly active and stable catalysts for molecular O2 activation.

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Cathrine Axfors and 93 others.


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Natalie N. Kinloch and 24 others.


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Li Chen and 23 others.

Phc1 is a subunit of the polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1), which represses gene expression during development. Here the authors show that Phc1 acts independently from PRC1 to activate Nanog transcription by stabilizing genome-wide chromatin interactions of the Nanog locus, and in turn stabilize pluripotency.

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Surashri Shinde-Jadhav and 10 others.

Radioresistance remains a challenge in the treatment of bladder cancer. In this study, the authors show in mice that radiation increases deposits of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) via a TLR4-dependent mechanism and that NETs-targeting strategies can improve the response to radiotherapy.

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Emilia Trudnowska and 7 others.

Marine snow is a major route through which photosynthetically fixed carbon is transported to the deep ocean, but the factors affecting flux are largely unknown. Here the authors use high frequency imaging of marine snow particles collected during phytoplankton blooms to categorize and quantify transport.

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