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Gabriel B. Benigno and 2 others.

In EEG data acquired in the presence of fMRI, gradient-related spike artifacts contaminate the signal following the common preprocessing step of average artifact subtraction. Spike artifacts compromise EEG data quality since they overlap with the EEG signal in frequency, thereby confounding frequency-based inferences on...

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Maya Sadeh and 4 others.

Introduction/aims: Application of remote sensing-based metrics of exposure to vegetation in epidemiological studies of residential greenness is typically limited to several standard products. The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is the most widely used, but its precision varies with vegetation density and...

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Shuo Liu and 43 others.

Background: Air pollution has been suggested as a risk factor for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but evidence is sparse and inconsistent. Objectives: We examined the association between long-term exposure to low-level air pollution and COPD incidence. Methods: Within the ‘Effects of Low-Level Air...

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Li Li and 2 others.

In indoor environments, humans ingest chemicals present as surface residues and bound to settled particles (dust), through mouthing hands (hand-to-mouth transfer) and objects (object-to-mouth transfer). Here, we introduce a novel modeling approach in support of systematic investigation into the mouthing-mediated...

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Kent Wu and 3 others.

Slip-induced falls are among the most common causes of major occupational injuries and economic loss in Canada. Identifying the risk factors associated with slip events is key to developing preventive solutions to reduce falls. One factor is the slip-resistance quality of footwear, which is fundamental to reducing the...

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Rachel B. Wilson and 11 others.

Prolonged, isocaloric, time-restricted feeding (TRF) protocols can promote weight loss, improve metabolic dysregulation, and mitigate non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). In addition, 3-day, severe caloric restriction can improve liver metabolism and glucose homeostasis prior to significant weight loss. Thus, we...

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Kristine E. Woodward and 2 others.

The understanding of molecular biology in neurocritical care (NCC) is expanding rapidly and recognizing the important contribution of neuroinflammation, specifically changes in immunometabolism, towards pathological disease processes encountered across all illnesses in the NCC. Additionally, the importance of...

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Helga B. Landsverk and 9 others.

Summary: Transcription-replication (T-R) conflicts cause replication stress and loss of genome integrity. However, the transcription-related processes that restrain such conflicts are poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate that the RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) C-terminal domain (CTD) phosphatase protein phosphatase 1...

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Dominic Kamps and 12 others.

Summary: Local cell contraction pulses play important roles in tissue and cell morphogenesis. Here, we improve a chemo-optogenetic approach and apply it to investigate the signal network that generates these pulses. We use these measurements to derive and parameterize a system of ordinary differential equations...

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