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Ryan HICKEY and 4 others.

Provided herein are composite scaffold biomaterials including two or more scaffold biomaterial subunits, each including a decellularized plant or fungal tissue from which cellular materials and nucleic acids of the tissue are removed, the decellularized plant or fungal tissue having a 3-dimensional porous structure, the...

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DAVID M BURNS and 2 others.

Described here are systems and methods for positioning a surgical implant, such as a glenoid component, or other medical device intra-operatively. In general, the systems and methods described in the present disclosure implement a computer vision system, which may be a structured light computer vision system, together...

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Gang ZHENG and 3 others.

There is described herein a nanoparticle comprising an outer shell comprising a porphyrin salt, an expanded porphyrin salt or an analog of porphyrin salt, around an inner oil core.

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Robert A WOLKOW and 2 others.

A nano-positioning system for fine and coarse nano-positioning including at least one actuator, wherein the at least one actuator includes a high Curie temperature material and wherein the nano-positioning system is configured to apply a voltage to the at least one actuator to generate fine and/or coarse motion by the...

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Scott GOEBEL and 3 others.

The invention relates in various aspects to a recombinant poxvirus comprising a nucleic acid encoding a SARS-CoV-2 virus protein, methods for producing such viruses and the use of such viruses. The recombinant poxviruses are well suited, among others, as protective virus vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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The invention described herein is based in part on the discovery of a protein/peptide crosslink, which introduces fluorescent properties, and which has been applied to synthesize analogues of melanocortin and amanitin as choice peptides to be explored in the context of isoindole peptides. Without limitation, it is...

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Ali Bonakdar and 2 others.

A method of simulating solidification of a build material (1) in a powder-bed-based additive manufacturing is presented. The method comprises applying a finite element model (FE) to calculate an initial thermal gradient (ΔT) and a melt pool (M) geometry in the build material (1), and applying a phase-field model (PF)...

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Hua YANG and 6 others.

A chelator having the general structure (I) for chelating radiometals such as 225Ac under mild conditions is provided. (I) The chelator can be coupled to a biological targeting moiety to facilitate targeted delivery of the chelated radiometal in a mammalian subject.

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Pooneh MAGHOUL and 2 others.

An ultrasonic sensing technique and a signal interpretation method based on a spectral element multiphase poromechanical approach overcomes critical gaps in permafrost characterization. Ultrasonic sensing produces high-quality response signals that are sensitive to the permafrost properties. A transfer function denoting...

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