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Feng Zhu and 21 others.

Domestic ducks are descended from the Mallard and have been bred for several purposes. Here the authors present three high-quality duck genome assemblies which recover previously missing genes and provide a rich resource of variants potentially related to domestication.

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Aida Ferreiro-Iglesias and 51 others.

Genetic susceptibility loci for oropharyngeal cancer have been reported but these studies have not always examined human papillomavirus (HPV) status. Here, the authors perform genome-wide analysis taking into account HPV16 serology status and report two independent loci in the HLA region, suggesting the protective role...

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Kelly L. Bolton and 44 others.

Clonal haematopoiesis (CH) has been associated with altered inflammatory profiles and increased risk of cardiovascular and malignant diseases. Here, the authors analyze patient data from two different cohorts and show that CH is associated with severe infections and severe Covid19.

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Debasmita Bhattacharya and 3 others.

The connection between cell cycle, metabolic state and mitochondrial activity is unclear. Here, the authors show that p107 represses mitochondrial transcription and ATP output in response to glycolytic byproducts, causing metabolic control of the cell cycle rate in myogenic progenitors.

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Dongsheng Xiao and 3 others.

High content imaging of the brain holds the promise of improving our understanding of the brain’s circuitry. Here, the authors present a tool that automates the scaling and segmentation of cortical maps to accelerate neurobiological discovery using mesoscale images.

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Dayana E. Salas-Leiva and 12 others.

The mechanisms for replicating and segregating DNA are highly conserved across eukaryotes. A comparative genomic analysis of a free-living protist finds a surprising lack of protein complexes involved in these processes, suggesting that the organism uses alternative mechanisms to process DNA.

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Elisa Castaldi and 4 others.

Rapid and spontaneous estimation of number is observed in many animals. Here the authors show that perceived number of items modulates the pupillary light response in humans, confirming its spontaneous nature, and introducing pupillometry as a tool to study numerical cognition.

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