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Nicolas Crampé and 2 others.

The occurrence of the Askey–Wilson (AW) algebra in the SU(2) Chern–Simons (CS) theory and in the Reshetikhin–Turaev (RT) link invariant construction with quantum algebra Uq(su2) is explored. Tangle diagrams with three strands with some of them enclosed in a spin-1/2 closed loop are associated to the generators of the AW...

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Johnny M Tkach and 5 others.

Centrosomes act as the main microtubule organizing center (MTOC) in metazoans. Centrosome number is tightly regulated by limiting centriole duplication to a single round per cell cycle. This control is achieved by multiple mechanisms, including the regulation of the protein kinase PLK4, the most upstream facilitator of...

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Mahadevappa Hemshekhar and 15 others.

Biological sex influences disease severity, prevalence and response to therapy in allergic asthma. However, allergen-mediated sex-specific changes in lung protein biomarkers remain undefined. Here, we report sex-related differences in specific proteins secreted in the lungs of both mice and humans, in response to...

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Muhammad Ashfaq Wahid and 14 others.

An ample quantity of water and sufficient nutrients are required for economical rice production to meet the challenges of ever-increasing food demand. Currently, slow-release nitrogenous fertilizers for efficient inputs utilization and maximum economic yield of field crops are in the limelight for researchers and...

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Maia C. Tarnas and 7 others.

Objective: Northern Syria faces a large burden of influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory illness (SARI). This study aimed to investigate the trends of Early Warning and Response Network (EWARN) reported ILI and SARI in northern Syria between 2016 and 2021 and the potential impact of SARS-CoV-2....

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Dorte M. Christiansen and 2 others.

Sex differences are prevalent in multiple mental disorders. Internalizing disorders are more commonly diagnosed in women, whereas externalizing and neurodevelopmental disorders are more often diagnosed in men. Significant sex/gender differences are reported in prevalence, symptom profile, age of onset, comorbidities,...

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Ioanna Anastasopoulou and 4 others.

Articulography and functional neuroimaging are two major tools for studying the neurobiology of speech production. Until recently, however, it has generally not been possible to use both in the same experimental setup because of technical incompatibilities between the two methodologies. Here we describe results from a...

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M. E. Bakr and 7 others.

The modern trend in distribution theory is to propose hybrid generators and generalized families using existing algebraic generators along with some trigonometric functions to offer unique, more flexible, more efficient, and highly productive G-distributions to deal with new data sets emerging in different fields of...

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K. Josh Briar and 3 others.

The intervertebral disc (IVD) is a complex structure, and recent evidence suggests that separations or delamination between layers of the annulus may contribute to degeneration development, a common cause of low back pain The purpose of the present experiment was to quantify the mechanical response of the...

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