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Tomer Tsaban and 5 others.

AlphaFold2 has originally been developed to provide highly accurate predictions of protein monomer structures. Here, the authors present a simple adaptation of AlphaFold2 that enables structural modeling of peptide–protein complexes, and explore the underlying mechanisms and limitations of this approach.

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Paula C. J. Reis and 2 others.

Methane metabolism is considered of secondary importance in most lake food webs. Here the authors quantify the contribution of methanotrophs to C cycling in six lakes, finding evidence of a large role of methanotrophs due to their higher specific activity and larger cell size.

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José Martín Pujolar and 15 others.

Islands and mountaintops are often considered evolutionary dead ends. Using whole genomic data of 18 bird species and demographic models, the authors show that populations become isolated at high elevations, but disjunct montane populations maintain gene flow and thus the capacity for further colonisation.

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Qingyuan Bian and 2 others.

Engineering shape memory and morphing materials achieved considerable progress in polymer-based systems, but protein-based shape memory and morphing materials remain less investigated. Here, the authors report the engineering of protein-based shape memory and morphing hydrogels using protein folding-unfolding as a...

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Constance H. Li and 2 others.

Ageing is a known risk factor in the development of cancers, but its association with molecular alterations is not fully explored. Here, the authors analyse pan-cancer age-associated molecular alterations in datasets from the TCGA, PCAWG and AACR-GENIE projects and identify prognostic biomarkers.

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Alexander Bernier and 2 others.


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Jaroslawna Meister and 17 others.

In this study, the authors demonstrated that agents targeting skeletal muscle metabolism by modulating β2-adrenergic receptor-dependent signaling may prove beneficial as novel antidiabetic drugs.

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Isabelle Mackrous and 2 others.

Using experimental and computational approaches the authors show that the vestibular efferent system does not modulate peripheral coding during locomotion. Instead, vestibular afferents unambiguously convey information in a context independent manner.

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Elite Possik and 11 others.

Glycerol-3-phosphate phosphatase is a recently discovered enzyme at the heart of metabolism. Here, the authors used C. elegans and showed that its activation promotes stress resistance, healthy aging and acts as a calorie restriction mimetic at normal food intake without altering fertility.

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