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Zsuzsa Lindenmaier and 9 others.

The androgen receptor (AR) is known for masculinization of behavior and brain. To better understand the role that AR plays, mice bearing humanized Ar genes with varying lengths of a polymorphic N-terminal glutamine (Q) tract were created (Albertelli et al., 2006). The length of the Q tract is inversely proporitional to...

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Dandan Xu and 2 others.

Green (GV) and non-photosynthetic vegetation (NPV) cover are both important biophysical parameters for grassland research. The current methodology for cover estimation, including subjective visual estimation and digital image analysis, requires human intervention, lacks automation, batch processing capabilities and...

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Yuanjian Yang and 10 others.

The diurnal evolution of the atmospheric boundary layer—the lowermost part of the atmosphere where the majority of human activity and meteorological phenomena take place—is described by its depth. Additionally, the boundary layer height (BLH) and the turbulence intensity strongly impact the pollutant diffusion,...

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Anita Kajzer and 6 others.

Harmful lesions occur in the body around multielement stabilisers made of AISI 316 LVM (Low Vacuum Melted) steel, caused by products of pitting, fretting or crevice corrosion. Preventing the effect is possible by modifying the surface of the steel implants. Therefore, the goal of the paper is the comparison of the...

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Mohammad Hosseini Rahdar; Fuzhan Nasiri

This paper analyzes a moving grate biomass boiler operating with three alternative waste fuels, including biomass pellets, wood waste, and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from a combination of thermal, economic, and environmental perspectives. The focus of this paper is on system functionality adaptation to retrofit the...

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Robert Jackson and 2 others.

Three-dimensional cell culturing to capture a life-like experimental environment has become a versatile tool for basic and clinical research. Mucosal and skin tissues can be grown as “organoids” in a petri dish and serve a wide variety of research questions. Here, we report our experience with human cervical organoids...

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Barrie Bonsal and 3 others.

Large-area, long-duration droughts are among Canada’s costliest natural disasters. A particularly vulnerable region includes the Canadian Prairies where droughts have, and are projected to continue to have, major impacts. However, individual droughts often differ in their stages such as onset, growth, persistence,...

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Christian Iorio-Morin and 2 others.

Tremor is a prevalent symptom associated with multiple conditions, including essential tremor (ET), Parkinson’s disease (PD), multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke and trauma. The surgical management of tremor evolved from stereotactic lesions to deep-brain stimulation (DBS), which allowed safe and reversible interference...

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Catherine DeMone and 8 others.

Food and waterborne protozoan pathogens can cause serious disease in people. Three common species Cryptosporidium parvum, Giardia enterica and Toxoplasma gondii can contaminate diverse shellfish species, including commercial oysters. Current methods of protozoan detection in shellfish are not standardized, and few are...

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