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Jonathan S. Lefcheck and 10 others.

Species identity and richness both contribute biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships. Here the authors apply a decomposition approach inspired by the Price equation to a global dataset of reef fish community biomass, finding that increased richness and community compositions favouring large-bodied species...

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Julie Livingstone and 14 others.

Despite the known role of telomere length in cancer, its association with genomic features remains unclear. Here, the authors integrate telomere length, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics in localized prostate cancer and reveal links between telomere maintenance, disease drivers and clinical outcomes.

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Hang Cheng and 11 others.

Naked mole-rats are hypoxia-tolerant mammals, and during hypoxia their body temperature decreases via unknown mechanisms. Here the authors report that the hypoxia-induced body temperature decrease in naked mole rats occurs through decreased brown adipose tissue thermogenesis via decreases in a key thermogenic...

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Hongyu Yu and 4 others.

Yu et al. report a new type of induced earthquake signal characterized by hybrid-frequency waveforms (EHW). The low-frequency source features of the EHWs suggest they may represent slow ruptures transitioning from aseismic to seismic slip.

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Aleksandra Leligdowicz and 11 others.

Identification of febrile children at risk of death in low-resource settings can improve survival, but tools for their prompt recognition are lacking. Here, the authors show that sTREM-1 measured at clinical presentation predicts in-hospital mortality in febrile children in Uganda.

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Tomokazu Yamaguchi and 29 others.

Endogenous ACE2 is a receptor for SARS-CoV-2 and a recombinant soluble ACE2 protein can inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection acting as a decoy. Here the authors show that B38-CAP, an ACE2-like enzyme but not a decoy for the virus, is protective against SARS-CoV-2-induced lung injury in animal models.

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Junjie Li and 17 others.

Synthesizing single-atom catalysts through a general method presents a great challenge. Here the authors report that Fe, Co and Ni single-atom catalysts can be obtained using pre-located isolated Pt atoms as the catalyst and identify the role of Pt single atoms in the synthesis process.

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Sven-A. Freibert and 9 others.

[2Fe-2S] protein cofactors are essential for life and are synthesized on ISCU2 scaffolds. Here, the authors show that hydrophobic interaction of two conserved N-terminal tyrosines induces ISCU2 dimerization and concomitant [2Fe-2S] cluster synthesis.

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K. E. Huus and 8 others.

Malnourished children experience a high burden of intestinal pathogens that exacerbate growth stunting, and preventing this pathogen overgrowth has proved challenging. Here the authors show that diet-specific bacterial crossfeeding contributes to the overgrowth of intestinal pathogens during child malnutrition.

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