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Alex A. Bhogal and 6 others.

Cerebral blood arrival and tissue transit times are sensitive measures of the efficiency of tissue perfusion and can provide clinically meaningful information on collateral blood flow status. We exploit the arterial blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signal contrast established by precisely decreasing, and then...

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P. Xian and 9 others.

In a companion paper (Xian et al., 2022, part 1 of the study), we present an Arctic aerosol optical depth (AOD) climatology and trend analysis for 2003–2019 spring and summertime periods derived from a combination of aerosol reanalyses, remote-sensing retrievals, and ground observations. Continued from the...

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P. Xian and 11 others.

We present an Arctic aerosol optical depth (AOD) climatology and trend analysis for 2003–2019 spring and summertime periods derived from a combination of multi-agency aerosol reanalyses, remote-sensing retrievals, and ground observations. This includes the U.S. Navy Aerosol Analysis and Prediction System ReAnalysis...

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Mahtab Tavasoli and 2 others.


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Lief Pagalan and 9 others.

Background: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) incidence has increased in past decades. ASD etiology remains inconclusive, but research suggests genetic, epigenetic, and environmental contributing factors and likely prenatal origins. Few studies have examined modifiable environmental risk factors for ASD, and far fewer have...

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Xiaolei Xing and 8 others.

Microstructure engineering is essential for developing advanced steels and is often carried out by thermomechanical processing. Here we report the engineering of microstructures of a high Si bainitic steel by tuning its electronic structure. It is experimentally found that the bainitic steel with Si addition processed...

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Daniel J Richter and 47 others.

Biogeographical studies have traditionally focused on readily visible organisms, but recent technological advances are enabling analyses of the large-scale distribution of microscopic organisms, whose biogeographical patterns have long been debated. Here we assessed the global structure of plankton geography and its...

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Angela McLaughlin and 7 others.

Tracking the emergence and spread of SARS-CoV-2 lineages using phylogenetics has proven critical to inform the timing and stringency of COVID-19 public health interventions. We investigated the effectiveness of international travel restrictions at reducing SARS-CoV-2 importations and transmission in Canada in the first...

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Yang Kong and 7 others.

Improving water environmental carrying capacity (WECC) is pivotal to support water sustainability and continued economic development. The improvement pathways of WECC based on both subsystem coupling and driving factors have not yet been identified. Therefore, taking the Yangtze River Economic Belt (YREB) as a case...

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