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Sana Yaqoob and 9 others.

In search of anti-inflammatory compounds, novel scaffolds containing isonicotinoyl motif were synthesized via an efficient strategy. The compounds were screened for their in vitro anti-inflammatory activity. Remarkably high activities were observed for isonicotinates 5–6 and 8a–8b. The...

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Scarlett Puebla-Barragan; Gregor Reid

Probiotics, defined as “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host,” are becoming increasingly popular and marketable. However, too many of the products currently labelled as probiotics fail to comply with the defining characteristics. In recent years, the...

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Jin Wang and 3 others.

Kiwifruit can trigger allergic reactions that can lead to death, causing public health concerns worldwide. In the present study, we treated kiwifruit samples with high-intensity ultrasound (20 kHz, 400 W, 50% duty cycle) for 0 to 16 min to evaluate its effect on the IgE binding capacity of kiwifruit allergen Act d 2,...

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Mélanie Girard and 4 others.

Nanoparticles possess unique, size-driven properties. However, they can be challenging to use as they easily agglomerate - their high surface area-to-volume ratio induces strong interparticle forces, generating agglomerates that are difficult to break. This issue prevails in organic particles as well, such as cellulose...

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Yufeng Li and 8 others.

A novel protein extraction method of ultrasound-assisted basic electrolyzed water (BEW) was proposed, and its effects on the structural and functional properties of Antarctic krill proteins were investigated. Results showed that BEW reduced 30.9% (w/w) NaOH consumption for the extraction of krill proteins, and its...

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Abdalla H. Karoyo; Lee D. Wilson

Hydrogels are hydrophilic 3D networks that are able to ingest large amounts of water or biological fluids, and are potential candidates for biosensors, drug delivery vectors, energy harvester devices, and carriers or matrices for cells in tissue engineering. Natural polymers, e.g., cellulose, chitosan and starch, have...

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Cara T. Hoepner and 2 others.

This narrative review was conducted using searches of the PubMed/Medline and Google Scholar databases from inception to November 2019. Clinical trials and relevant articles were identified by cross-referencing major depressive disorder (and/or variants) with the following terms: folate, homocysteine,...

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Sabrina Douglas and 5 others.

Coparenting quality and food parenting practices have been shown to have a strong influence on child outcomes. However, little is known about whether coparenting quality may influence food parenting practices. This study aimed to investigate how coparenting quality is associated with both mothers’ and fathers’ food...

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Jennifer M. Monk and 5 others.

Cooked common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) improve intestinal health in lean mice and attenuate intestinal dysbiosis and inflammation when consumed concurrent with obesity development. We determined the effects of a high-fat (HF) bean supplemented diet in mice with established obesity (induced by 12 weeks of HF...

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